can you make 50 % monthly ?
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Thread: can you make 50 % monthly ?

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    can you make 50 % monthly ?

    it is necessary to have a target of profits monthly or weekly so can you make 50 % monthly from your capital by invest it with the Forex market ?

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    I can earn money in forex trading business and i have not spent too much time in robo forex trading business, so i have no more experience in this field so i can make those money which i can earn, so i am very happy from this method and robo forex trading business , and thanks to forex

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    Yes off course you can easily earn %50 per month.. if you select your daily target %3 then you will earn more than %50 per month. and you can easily earn %3 per day but keep in mind if you don't have good experience in this business then you can not earn by forex trading..

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    Sure, we could even make a profit of up to 100% within 1 week if we have a good analysis. Sometimes that often prevents us to make a greater profit is the fear of our own, we are too afraid to face a margin call, and it actually makes it harder to look for profits in forex trading.

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    maybe yes, and even more than it, but it is not a guarantee for me to get 50 % in a month, because there is a time when we have to struggle and fix the problem and need longer time to complete it, but, at forex trading, if we have enough knowledge and ability and understand how to manage with properly, then all is possible, trader can maximize their earning with unlimited,

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    Forex trading business has got a very earning potential and there is no limit of earning but the more you look for profit the more you expose risk on your account and in the process we may loose our complete funds so we must not forget to trade with money management and go for slow and steady earning instead of fast and risky one.

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    Are you sure? Who can get it done?I think it needs to have trading system, and insisted. It takes many years of trading experience.
    If there is such a person, I certainly want him to be my teacher.

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    When i start my career in forex i thought if i invest 500$ i will be able to earn 500$ every month very easily. It is possible , I have done this but i think it's not a good option the more you want to take profit percentage high the more risk will create of your . it's very natural.So i think we should be steady and target not more than 25%. actually it's my opinion. What do you think? am i right/ i will be glad if i get your opinion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohamed reda View Post
    it is necessary to have a target of profits monthly or weekly so can you make 50 % monthly from your capital by invest it with the Forex market ?
    As per my knowledge and experience I have seen many traders are their who double their invested amount in same day by scalping. But It should not be strategy of any trade because it will disturb and will bring more aggressiveness among trader. SO The strategy should be for annual return instead fo each moneth or daily basis. SO stay invested instead of doing daily trading.

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    It is actually good for every forex trader to have specific targets. And 50% is certainly an ideal monthly target. It is certainly not difficult for any forex trader who is disciplined and hardworking to make 50% profit every single month of the year.

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