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    Vector MA strategy

    Vector MA strategy
    The strategy is easy and consists of:-

    1:- Time Frame :- 1 Hour and 4 Hour

    Pair :- All

    Indicators used in the Strategy:

    1:- 15 EMA
    2:- 200 EMA

    Entry Rule :-

    When the price is above EMA 200 (think about Buying)
    When the candle is Broken EMA 15 (start getting ready) We prepare to hang a Pending order above the candle breaking the 15 EMA by two points only
    If he touches her you do the operation and if you do not do it and the next candle falls and you break the 15 EMA down delete the Pending order and wait for a new Chance. stop loss mode area closest Pre-target support is twice the distance between this candle to the stop loss Level.

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    I think the strategy would require some more rules about the higher timeframe. In my opinion the 4 hour chart should confirm the trend we're attempting to catch at the 1 hour chart. And there should be some more thorough definition of the conditions around the breaks.
    Otherwise it's a decent logic. It should make some mild profits and keep ups in the market until we learn to trade.

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