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Thread: Long term strategies Vs Short term strategies

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    for me the long term trading is the solution for the problems i face like the greed and the over trading . in this case i think that the best ways for the trading is to have the similar strategies which can be profitable by reading the news

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    This is the good thread of the trading ,w easily earn a lots of money when we use the best strategy in the trading . the best strategy that i like the most is the use of long term strategy . this strategy is mostly use by all the big traders . they invest large amount and they also earn a lots from the forex trading .

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    In the business world, there are so many types of investment, there is the long term investment , there is the medium term investment , and there is the short term investment.Each one of these various investment has disadvantages and disadvantages, so each investor has the sole responsibility to study each of them very well and understood the terns and conditions that guide each before he can decide the best for him. But the long term investment is always the best to my understanding.

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    come to an investment where I will take care to generate a good profit account started with less than 40 dollars

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    well since i started forex i thought that making money on forex is so easy but i was wrong as the time passed i realise that. The good thing about forex is we can make good money if we strictly follow the long term strategy and hold positions for at-least some days with good return. But short term strategy i feel like its not trading more like its scalping the market. Although its good because we can take profit on daily basis. I am moving from short term to long term.

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    i think that is not wrong when trader choose long term strategy or short term strategy. Both have benefit in my eyes. Sometimes i used long term strategy when join in market or open position. But many too when i see the market good for scalping, i using short term strategy. Many benefit when using both. Bu i concern about money management when trading because so high risk about in business this.
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    I think the result of both short term and long term strategies are good and profitable it also depend on trader knowledge and his trading experience.Demo accounts are very helpful for trader for the purpose of knowledge and testing a strategy.I use the short term strategies because trading with short term is very profitable and by using the short term strategy trader can easily analyze the trend.

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    I prefer short term trader as per my experience and my trading knowledge. In short term trading you also require small amount of capital to invest whereas in long term trading a trader require to huge experience and huge capital to sustain long term into market. It depend on person to person as per his knowledge that which type of trading he/she like. I never say that long term trading is wrong but only experience trader can do it easily.

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