learning from mistakes
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Thread: learning from mistakes

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    learning from mistakes

    it is necessary for any type of traders to learn from the mistakes in order to avoid it in the future and to be more skilled to face this risk in order to maximum the profits as he can so we can say that learning from mistakes will be the best to be a good trader .

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    If a trader perform work with fully concentration then there is no need to worry about the crashing account. Many traders work without any attention then they loss their account. if you actually realize it than mistakes can prove to be very helpful for you. it entirely depends on how you take the things.

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    I also learning from past mistakes , and from my experience the mistakes can be done at every time when we do not carry out trading in a disciplined ways and orderly of trading plan, we should trade with full discipline if we not repeat again the mistake in previously

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    keep learning and practicing in everything and then support them with discipline and patience, then we will get more understanding from what we have done and accepted, we do not worry about the mistakes, just open mind and start to learn it, this is the way for us to increase our knowledge or trading quality then we can do trading with better,
    the experts have accepted so many experiences and became their best education before be a good trader and get succcess

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    In forex you should be keen in learning and you always try to learn from your mistakes.You should always be discipline and patience,even if we commit any mistakes.We should not worry about it,we should keep an open mind and should learn from it this will increase our knowledge and the quality of our trading.And to become an expert you should have experience.

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    True, we do have to learn from our mistakes in forex trading, especially when we are losing. So when we are experiencing a loss in forex trading, then it is the right moment to correct the mistake we did, so we can fix it and make a better profit in forex trading.

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    Forex is a very risky business and we often make looses but it is more important to learn from previous mistakes. Patience and discipline are main reasons to look for in forex trading business.The right movement to correct the mistake we did is when we experience loss in forex business.And to become expert you need lots of experience.

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    Yes it is very important to learning from our mistakes.Forex trading is a complex business and it is possible that you will do some mistakes in this business.But is think mistake is good and we should learn from our mistake but it is worse when you repeat your same mistake again and again.Mistake will help you to earn profit from this business.

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    We should learn from our mistake because every mistake is matter for us. We should work hard and do trade with rules and plans in order to earn money all the time so every mistake is matter for every person and we must learn from our mistake so we cannot do such mistake again.

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    It is very important for a trader to learn from his mistakes. It helps the traders to make out what went wrong in the trade and where they need to improve. We should always try to learn in every moment of the trade. It is a good approach in the trade.

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