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    EOS/USD has broken the 500 exponential moving average, it is currently trading at 5.498, The higher timeframes are now showing sign of upside for the short-term, in my own view, i think it will rally a little more for some time, but it may retrace back to the moving average 500 before the rally it may head to 5.650

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    EOS price is now at 5.478 and its move to down side from the top pink target lines but its still above the red taregt lines and WRslow is also show the blue color which means now another up side movement is expected from Eos. So I am totally bullish with this pair and soon this pair is move to upside with target 5.585 pink resistance target line.

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    The EOS/USD pair was grown during the last week and presently it is traded at 5.503. It is only slightly below 100-D moving average, being between 38 and 50 Fibo levels. Daily stochastic shows a change of the trend from UP to DOWN. A big trend is also still DOWN.


    Although more indicators suggest EOS/USD decrease over the next day, it is now recommended to stay away from the market at this point, especially since there are cryptocurrencies with more transparent technical patterns to trade (see my other forecasts).

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    EOSUSD is now move at the price 5.5000 and its trend is clearly now upside until its reached the price 5.8200 where I can see the trend line is make limited its upside movement. It is best time to buy and for the target 5.8200 and then we will need to wait for reversal signal or breakout signals of this trend line channel which is help us to earn with safe way.

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    Now the price of EOS is bullish trend and you can see the Heiken Ashi are light blue and QQE ADV is move to upside and now RSI is also show the Light blue dos which means market is noe in bullish mood and trend strength is also give up side signal which is reason now the best point to enter into a long position on it for earn some big pips earning.

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    EOSUSD ADR start point is at 5.651 and its price is now at 5.739 and its means its trend is up and I must see its touch first the point of ADR high range. Its ADR high range is at 5.877 and its ADR lower range is at 5.603. Now its above the ADR and possible its movement for today with target of Higher ADR range at 5.877.

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    EOSUSD price is 5.862 and its move below the resistance. Its reach the resistance h4 price 5.799 and then move to down side and in daily candle its seems be bearish pin bar and you can see its move back down side from its resistance which means its today target is completed and now its towards the H4 support which is at 5.062.

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    EOS-USD is still bullish trend movement and its next resistance is 5.936 and its also its previous top many times and its support is 5.384 which is its previous resistance. Now its still move above from its support and its possible its again back towards its support where we will enter again into a trade in which we can enter long position for target the 5.936 resistance price.
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    Now the EOSUSD is breakout the below price and you can see its move very strong bullish trend now and its a good opportunity for us to earn big profit from this trade. If you are focus on your learning then its become easy for you to earn profit from forex and this forex rush breakout is give us real breakout which are give us good profit with easy way.

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    EOS/USD will be rising more today, it has ready made the retracement that may not have let it rise. The retracement has created the trendline support at 5.640, that is what i will hold on to for my analysis today. I remain on the buying mode today, and the bullish candlestick on 4 hours is likewise helping to make this fact happen. EOS/USD should not break below 5.527 again, it will go and hit 5.805 when my analysis is correct.

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