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    The current rate in the EOS-USD instrument is 5.061 USD. The trend during this week is bullish, and now the retracement is being formed, as seen in the attached chart. The price is higher than the simple moving average (9 weeks). Since now is the retracement period, it is possible to try to earn something on the short-term sell-order. But mind possible change of volatility.

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    EOS/USD is moving in bullish trend this week and currently it is also moving in bullish direction from the current index price 5.4349.EOS/USD is moving between the support level 5.085 and the resistance level 6.052 from last few hours but according to the bullish trend of this week it has more chances to break the resistance level and then it will futher move up.

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    EOS/USD is moving strongly in the favor of bullish trend from last week,but after making the highest bullish candle in 4H chart at the index price 6.054,it drops from this point towards the current index price of EOS/USD 5.280,but its bearish movement is weak due to strong support level at 5.080,so it has more chances again bull movement.

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    During the second week of this month's trading, EOS failed to penetrate the $5.98 summit that it formed during the third-day trading this month as a result of the bear's pressure on it.Over the previous period the encrypted currency was trying to confirm the fracture of the $5.46 areas and during trading yesterday morning the digital coin broke the neck line of a complex negative head and shoulders model.

    EOS we look at is currently neutral as a result of trading through a specific range between $4.81 areas and up to $5.98 areas on the 4H chart. With analysis of price behaviour and technical indicators, we have noticed the growing strength of sellers at the moment. We recommend selling with negative price behavior at the neck line and recommend putting Stop loss at $5.65.

    It is expected that in the event of penetration of $5.65 levels areas may target 5.90 $ levels. On the other side if the $5.07 levels are broken, the $4.38 level may target negative head and shoulders.

    Support: 5.01-4.63-4.19.
    Resistance: 5.46 – 5.99-6.29.

    Direction: Neutral

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    EOS-USD current rate 4.860 moving downwards very strongly towards the support line after making high according to simple moving arrange price will go further downside due to high seller pressure RSI indicates the price is over sold and crossing the level of 30 easily ..


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    The current price in the EUS-USD instrument is 4.700 USD. The movement in April was preferentially bearish, but during the last week, the bearish signals are almost absent.

    The 100-days simple moving average curve is below the price and this may indicate that sell-orders for some traders are interesting in this instrument.

    However, since the trend during this week is not bearish, I would prefer not to start bearish orders right now.

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    The present rate in the EOS-USD instrument is 4.93 USD. The stochastic indicates the ongoing bullish trend (parameters 5-3-3, daily time-frame_, though it is difficult to see in the actual chart. The price of EUS is still higher than the average value for the last 100 days, see simple MA-100.

    The market is uncertain. I do not recommend to trade.

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    EOS during last Sunday evening trades bounced from $5.24 areas to penetrate $5.46 areas as a result of growing demand and continued to rise to $6.06 areas.
    During yesterday's trades, it was corrected from $6.06 areas towards $5.65 areas and then bounced back to penetrate the $5.99 resistance levels.

    EOS is trading in a bullish direction right now this trend supports penetration of $5.99 areas and penetration of $5.46 during current week trades. Technical indicators at the moment are still supporting the upward trend and indicating that it is growing in strength over time.

    It is expected that in case of penetration levels $6.19 may target $6.88 levels.
    While, in the event of broken $5.65 levels may target the $5.01 level.

    Support: 5.99-5.46-5.01.
    Resistance: 6.29 – 6.57-6.88.

    Direction: Upward

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    EOS/USD current rate is 6.536 now moving downwards in 30 mint time frame after making a strong bullish trend in 4 hourly time frame RSI showing the price is over bought now according to technical analysis EOS/USD will drop from here to next support level EOS/USD aslo cross the moving average downside which is good for sellers .

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    EOS during last Thursday's trades I failed to penetrate the $6.88 resistance zones as a result of the buyer's determination so it landed to break 6.57 $. Owing to the pressure of the sellers, they continued to break down the $6.29 areas and did not stop at these levels but landed about $5.79, then bounced from these levels towards the $6.57 areas that Failed to penetrate.

    EOS we looked at is neutral at the moment as a result of not trading in a specific direction since last Friday's trades where it continued to trade between $5.92 levels and even $6.58 prices.

    It is expected that if the $6.39 levels are compromised, the levels may target $6.88. On the other side in the case of breaking $5.79 levels may target the $4.85 level.

    Support: 5.99-5.46-5.01.
    Resistance: 6.29 – 6.57-6.88.

    Direction: Neutral

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