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    The index of the alternative crypto-currencies costs 673.5 USD today. There is a strong ongoing bullish movement during this week, therefore, it has been preferable to buy the .ALT. index before. Now the price has crossed the neutral Fibonacci level and it is possible that the bullish movement will continue.

    My opinion is to close some positions with .ALT vs. USD, but keep some of them open, just in case.

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    Crypto-ALT moving downwards the support line 467.09 in the favor of sellers after making the weekly high with strong bullish move according to technical indicator ipenal trend Crypto-ALT will fall again and touch the 457 in near time EMA and MACD indicates the upcoming bearish trend ..

    Resistance Levels # 681.78
    Support Levels # 467.09 / 442.48 / 429.95 / 416.47

    Possible Direction ( Bearish )

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    The current rate in the alternative crypto-currencies index versus USD is 596 USD. The index was very expensive (from the local perspective) yesterday, but today was bearish and this situation my continue over the remainder of the week. The price is in the neutral zone of the Fibonacci diagram. For this reason, I believe that the market is uncertain and additional signals are required.

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    Crypto.Alt is trying to go back up to the bullish side, but with the look of things on the 4 hour time frame, it seems that it is tired for now, it will be going down. According to what i see on the chart, i am able to rearrange my trendline point, my trendline resistance point is now situated at 671.03, i expect this trendline resistance point to remain validly unbroken for longer time duration. That will make this Crypto index to be falling more.

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    Crypto.Alt has lost its power to the downside movement of the market. The downside movement has done much, but it is still going down, and it is having the effective trendline resistance point which is situated at 667.18, that trendline resistance point will make the market not to be able to cross above it, and that will cause the market to be going lower. I am expecting to see more of bearish candlestick below that trendline resistance point, that will be a clear indication that Crypto.Alt is bearish in sentiment.

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    Crypto.Alt is not having much power to continue its bullish sentiment, it is now making a low range movement. I am on the view that this Crypto index will be falling since there is a trendline resistance on it, and my trendline resistance point is situated at 661.66, it is looking so strong, that makes me know that the market will not go above it today. And when there is a bearish candlestick below that point, there is certainty that more falling will be seen today.

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    The immediate cost of the alternative crypto-currencies index amounts to 508.65 USD. The trend based on the weekly chart is clearly bearish. The present level of the price is neutral, according to the 100-days simple MA curve. Also, stochasic (5,3,3, W1) is clearly bearish. However, I believe that it is already late to sell, so look for the opportunity to start buy-orders when the trend revert.

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    The current cost of the alternative crypto-currency index (Crypto.ALT) is 543 USD. The trend is uncertain during this week, buy the big trend, see the chart attached, remains bullish. The daily stochastic (5,3,3) is bullish, but it is late to enter the bullish market.

    I recommend to look for a sell-order position. Resistance zones at 590 USD, 610 USD and 630 USD must be accounted for.

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