Litecoin during the trades of the first yesterday continued to rise until the $121.39 areas as a result of the weak resolve of the buyers thus landed towards the areas of 110.53 $. I wore from these levels during the first trades yesterday to re-test the first resistance zone, and failed for the second time due to weak demand therefore landed towards $111.08.

The currency is traded in a bullish trend so far this trend is weakening as a result of the failure to penetrate 120.80-resistant areas. With negative price behavior but without confirmation yet due to trading above $110.53 in the event of breaking these levels, buyers are advised to activate the protection of profits.

It is expected that if the $121.39 levels are breached, the 125.00 may target areas. While the $110.53 zone is broken, it may target $100.78 levels.

Support: 109.51-102.32-99.03.
Resistance: 120.80-125.00-136.63.

Direction: Upward