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    LTC/USD price continues to fluctuate near the moving average of 50, which constitutes an important support ground at 57.50, accompanied by the emergence of clear saturation signals in the sale through stochastic, which supports the expected bullish wave resume in the instantaneous term, whose next target is at 65.00.Therefore, we will keep our expectations for the upward trend for the next period unless the level of 57.50 is broken and stability is below it.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 57.50 support and 63.00 resistance.

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    Litecoin is making more of bearish outlook on the 4 hour time frame than bullish outlook. Although the trendline is still in support of buying, but the candlestick structure is no more in support of buying, that makes me to be indifferent on where the market will be heading to today. My trendline support point is situated at 56.77, that point will not give up easily, but if it did, we can be seeing the Litecoin meeting 54.01 very fast.

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    Litecoin during last Saturday's trades penetrated the $58.79 resistance area as a result of the pressure of bulls on them and continued to rise until the 63.60 $ areas. During the trades yesterday morning failed to penetrate the area of $63.49 resistance as a result of buyers ' determination thus landed about $58.68.

    Litecoin is traded in a secondary upward direction on the 240-minute interval. This trend suffers from weakness as a result of its inability to penetrate $63.49 with the appearance of the feather bearish engulfing model. Currently, the encrypted currency has been corrected from $63.6 levels to levels close to 0.5 Fibonacci.

    It is expected that in the event of penetration of $63.60 areas may target 71.86 $ areas. While in a broken area $58.86 the currency may target $55.03 levels.

    Support: 58.79-53.17 – 47.26.
    Resistance: 63.49 – 71.86-85.81.

    Direction: Upward

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    The current rate in the LTC-USD trading instrument is 58.98 USD. The LTC currency is in the upper part of the price diagram. The intra-month trend is bullish. The level of 58 USD works as a support level.

    The stochastic is bullish today, although the amplitude of the price movement is small.

    The bottom line is to consider purchasing LTC.

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    LTC/USD price trades close to the moving average 50 and maintain its stability over it, while stochastic continues to move within the trading areas of the sale, waiting to stimulate the price to continue the main upward trend, which is organized within the emerging channel appearing in the image, reminding that our goal Next main up to 65.00.The persistence above 57.50 is important for the continuation of the proposed height, as the crumb will press the price to test the 52.50 areas before any new attempt to rise.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 57.50 support and 63.00 resistance

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    Litecoin has broken my trendline support point downward, the trendline support point has been turned to trendline resistance point, and it is currently situated at 59.78. I am on the bearish view for this reason, and i know that Litecoin has no much problem on its way down. The candlestick on the 4 hour time frame is likewise bearish, this will make the Litecoin to go and meet more lower points on the chart today.

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    LTC-USD formed very strong bullish candle in 4 hourly time frame right on the support line moving upwards towards the resistance level according to technical analysis LTC-USD will touch the resistance level and then falls back to the support line wait for more clear direction ..

    Support Levels # 57.32 / 52.73 / 47.93
    Resistance Levels # 61.27

    Possible Direction ( Bullish )

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    Current index rate of LTC/USD is 59.56,according to simple moving average LTC/USD is now moving in the favor of bearish trend.According to the technical indicator RSI LTC/USD is moving towards down,it seems like it touches the lowest level of the indicator,this pair is moving strongly in the favor of bearish trend.

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    LTC/USD price offers positive attempts after building on the moving average 50, waiting for further elevation that is organized within the emerging channel shown in the image, recalling that our next goal is at 65.Passive current stochastic may cause some temporary lateral oscillation before resuming the expected bullish wave, which requires persistence to persist above the 57.50 level.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 57.50 support and 63 resistance.

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    LTC-USD current rate 59.71 moving upwards after making a daily low at price 59.17 moving very slowly according to technical indicator ipenal trend Possible Direction ( Bullish ) will touch the resistance level then drop from top wait for a clear direction then take entry ..

    Support Levels # 57.32 / 52.73 / 47.93
    Resistance Levels # 61.27

    Possible Direction ( Bullish )

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