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    BTC/USD price rushed up sharply to succeed in achieving our second goal expected at 8800.00 and settle down now, and we believe that the road is open to continue to make gains during the next sessions, where the price is organized inside the emerging channel appearing in the picture, waiting to test levels 9000.00 and 9350.00 As the next main stations.Thus, we are waiting for a further rise in the instantaneous and short term, with the indication that the persistence above 8328.80 represents the first condition for the continuation of the proposed rising wave.
    Expected trading range for today between support 8500.00 and resistance 9000.00.

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    Bitcoin did not take a specific direction during yesterday's trades to trade through it as it continued to trade between levels of $8651 to a minimum and even areas of $8951.

    Bitcoin we look at is currently neutral as a result of not trading in a specific direction due to trading between the $8901 areas and even the $8715 areas since yesterday morning trades.

    It is expected that in the event of penetration of $8901 areas may target 9608 areas. While in the broken areas $8651 may target $8014.

    Support: 8303 – 7924-7500.
    Resistance: 8929-9608-9976.

    Direction: Neutral

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    Price action analysis:
    The price of Bitcoin is ranging after the bullish move on 26th may. Resistance for the range is 8909 while the support is at 8633. It managed to make a false bearish breakout of the support level at 10.00 today but a true breakout is need on either side. It need to be able to break the resistance or support and hold it for like an hour before a true breakout can be confirmed.

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    The current rate in the BTC-USD instrument is 8696 USD. The long-term trend is definitely bullish, as depicted in the attached chart with a help of 10-days exponential moving average. The USD-BTC rate is hereby driven to the maxima of 2018. The recommendation is to keep waiting for the further continuation of the uptrend. It may be risky to add buy-orders anymore, however. Since the local resistance levels have been removed, it is not easy to hypothesize where the uptrend will finish and when this happens.

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