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    My dear friends Forex Books are very good source of learning because you can find all detail into books.. and you can understand to economics businesses and then you can doing better trading.

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    My dear sir yes it will be useful to know new ideas on trading to have more skills in order to be more experienced to be able to trade profitably and there is many books to learn new strategy and new ways of trading like harmonic or other advanced ways of trading .so it is so useful for any trader .

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    There are many books available on the internet but we should also watch trading videos to gain more understanding about forex market and after that we must have to do practice in demo account to gives confidence in trading and that confidence will help us in earning good money in live account so proper training is required by every trader.

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    yes it will be useful to know new concepts on dealing to have more abilities to be able to be more knowledgeable to be able to business viably and there is many guides to understand new technique and new methods of dealing like harmonic or other innovative methods of dealing .so it is so useful for any investor

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    There is many forex book in online and cit is helpful for you and you can make more knowledge from this online book.I have many forex book and its PDF copy.If you need please contact with me.Thanks to all forex forum user.

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    Quote Originally Posted by altafa50 View Post
    that business is very high and much more information have get so we need to get help from books or online directory, and if many people say yes so which books we read and get more information about that business and online how we can search.
    You can learn from books, ebooks, forums, video tutorials, webinars, forums, social media, and also from the website / blog. But I recommend you to learn a lot in the forums. Why? Because in the forums you will get a lot of knowledge and experience from a variety of sources / members. Not just one person. If you learn from a book, then you will get the knowledge from only the author.
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    Yes there are books of forex trading and i have also learn its basics from forex books and i have follow though different traders but their strategy become fail when i start trading and from that time i am doing trading with the help of demo account and taking help from forex books

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    There are many ways to get learning materials through google search. But, I think this forum and demo are the best way to learn forex more easily. I tried to learn forex from some other sources also, but it seems to me time consuming. This forum is the best according to me and I have to intention to search any other ways ignoring this forum.

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    If you want to learn from Books ( then either you visit nearest book stall or else search in Google to buy a online books about Forex market, or else you can directly read articles from Internet also, as many web sites are now providing information about Forex market and winning strategy. SO you can gain knowledge either from Books or Internet.

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    I have the same opinion with you, and yes its true that every Forex traders control their emotions and clear any trader can gain from Forex trading is that you can analyze, from the need to avoid the urge to get our mind's terrible, we know that Forex is a risky business business, so that every trader certain no business without interfere in our minds from bad emotions to gain know-how required for the best experience, the best experience you can not gain anything without hang

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