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    Withdrawal Without Commission

    Withdraw funds from your account twice a month without any commissions!

    RoboForex offers its clients to benefit from the Company’s unique program of funds withdrawal without any commissions. This service works on the permanent basis and allows traders to withdraw funds from their RoboForex accounts without any commissions twice a month. More details about the program can be found in the Program rules.

    When can I withdraw funds from my account without commissions?
    Check our calendar and find out when you can withdraw funds for free the next time!

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    "withdrawal without commission" service

    "withdrawal without commission" has become one promising service roboforex provides to ease all clients whenever they want to withdraw their money from their trading account, they will not be charged with any commissions aka free. this makes all clients feel less worries when withdrawing their funds. i know the amount of commissions usually charged by brokers are quite small but this actually depending on how much money we are going to withdraw. the calculation uses percentage and this should explain the more money we withdraw, the more commission it will cost us.

    as always, we need to know that this service has its own limitation or to me, it is rules we must understand before using the service. in this screenshot below, we can see the simple rules how to enjoy the service with roboforex.

    more rules can be found on the next screenshot and they really need to fully accept first before using the service.

    according to my opinion and experience for years trading with roboforex, i find this " withdrawal without commission" service is quite helpful for those who really use it. to be honest i do not even remember what day i want to withdraw my funds and i always watch my chart, trade, get profits, and withdraw the money no matter what day is today. i do not mind and find it as an issue to miss couple cents of my withdrawal because what i always feel that roboforex actually do not take any funds from my withdrawal.

    comparing the amount of my withdrawal request to the money i actually receive in my payment, the money always reduced not because roboforex charged me some commissions. the one who reduced my received money is my payment method, which i always use is fasapay. they charged me about 0.5% per my request of withdrawal each time i receive the money from roboforex.

    maybe the calculation, if i withdraw my money at the same day at first or third week of tuesday, then i will receive the same amount of money as i previously requested. the example is, if my regular withdrawal is $50 and i do it on wednesday, then i will receive my money to my payment account equal to =

    $ 50 x 0.5% = 0.25 cent as the commission, and
    $ 50 - 0.25 c = $ 49.75

    it is only missing 0.25 cent so i can deal with it and never complain whether i can use the service or not. the amount of commission will get bigger when we receive more money but maximum fee that would be charged to us will remain at $ 5. this is how i use my payment method fasapay and feel grateful with it and with roboforex. the calculation above, whenever we want to withdraw our money by following the terms of "withdrawal without commission" service, we will get a complete amount of money and there will be no deduction because roboforex will pay for it. it is great, do not you think?

    as a normal client of roboforex, i understand that i also have limitations to explain anything or to write couple things about the service, which in this topic is "withdrawal without commission". i also found many pros and cons but to me there are only few cons that i want, really wish that roboforex may want to consider this for the best of all members in this forum and traders with the roboforex company.

    1. i wish that the day we can use this service does not stay fixed at tuesday because trading and making profits really depending on market volatility and opportunity from client's strategy. so i hope there is an option available for clients to use this service once in a week on any days, not only on tuesday.
    2. it would be great to get more opportunities to enjoy this great service, such as getting 4 times chance to withdraw without commission or get one chance per week. this would become another excellence i can proud of later.
    3. if above requests are to accept then i can only follow the rules from the company and really wish to see it coming soon.

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    glad tidings
    I as a trader with small capital sometimes feels heavy on commission fees when depositing and withdrawing funds.
    very annoying. because sometimes we get small profits, and still deducted from the commission or when the deposit must be deducted also by commission.
    hopefully "withdrawal without commission" service can be carried out continuously.

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    My experience with the withdrawal is excellent. So far I am able to make withdrawal to my Skrill account instantaneously. It is really a surprise knowing that Roboforex actually offers instant transfer for Skrill. I want to express my thanks to the roboforex.

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