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    Here you have taken a very good pattern. Forex trading technology-based business that we need to understand different patterns of technology that make this business easy and enjoyable. Friends, I do not have any past experience working on the pattern after following everything in your post. Robo Forex Forum is very useful and helpful as we learn each other's Forex with the help of Roboforco Forum. It needs to be learned because we need alternate alternatives to trade. Only indicator or value can not make a continuous profit in action.

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    I have not quite understood about harmonic patterns because I'm a newcomer.
    I think people who can use harmony pattern are people who have high imagination. how not, a chart like that we can imagine with various forms such as butterflies, bats, sharks and so on. and this is certainly very cool.
    if you wish I would like to ask whether the use of harmonic patterns must be accompanied by Fibonacci?how to do it? thank you for your attention and explanation

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