Harmonic Patterns Analysis
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    Post Harmonic Patterns Analysis

    Harmonic Patterns Analysis

    In this thread, I will analyze most pairs by using harmonic patterns method and for those who know nothing about this type of analysis, it is price patterns that are determined based on Fibonacci levels

    Lats kick start this with AUD/USD
    The pair formed a shark pattern on the weekly chart (blue pattern) and it is more likely to target 0.761866 where its gonna form a 5-0 pattern (red pattern) before it starts going down again.

    Note: this thread is for analysis using only harmonic patterns
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    back to the AUD / USD
    The pair did a correction on last Friday as a sign for the upcoming bullish move and in addition to the shark pattern that I mentioned before there is a butterfly pattern
    so I expect the pair to start moving up again as long as it does not break out the last support level at 0.7084

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    Post USD/JPY Analysis

    The pair is now close to completing the formation of the Gartley pattern at 112.44 The price may bounce from anywhere between 112.44 and 113.16

    If the Gartley pattern fails, this means that the pair will continue to go up to 115.31 to form a Crab pattern and for this to happen, the price should breach the resistance level 113.16

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    Update: and / usd
    The pair has moved more than 100 pips since the last time and day after day it is more certain that it will continue to rise
    Now there is a new opportunity with the price breaking 0.723 the next target is 0.7372 and we may not see any correction until the price reaches there

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    eur / jpy H4
    The pair has broken the support level 130.9 and i expect it to continue to the level 133.8 to complete the formation of an ab = cd pattern
    From there, it will start to decline
    so with the speech of ECB President Mario Draghi today(13:00 GMT) i think that will have a positive effect on the euro

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    Post WTI H4 Harmonic analyses

    WTI may now be in the process of forming a Gartley pattern on the four-hour frame so the price will continue to rise to at least 73.5 and may bounce from anywhere up to 76
    If the price exceeds 76, the pattern will fail and the price will continue to rise to form a Crab pattern.

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    welcome my dear
    There is no doubt that every trader has a special way and strategy. Yes, this is a good indicator, but you need a lot of experience to choose the appropriate time frame because too many indicators don’t succeed because of choosing a wrong time frame. Finally thank you for providing the opportunity to participate and benefit.

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    Post EUR/JPY Update

    The eur/jpy rallied as expected and achieved nearly 200 pips after breaking out the level B now a new opportunity to buy after breaking the resistance level 132 last week and now after retesting it I expect the pair to resume it's buliish movment towards the level D.

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    Analysis of: eur /cad
    time frame :h4

    The pair is more likely to form a shark pattern where the pattern will be completed anywhere between 1.536344 and 1.542441 (point D of the pattern)but to do so an H4 candle needs to close above the resistance level 1.5260.

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