Features of trading with the increased leverage:

- New trading opportunities. Operations with the bigger trading volume without making any additional investments to your trading account. It’s the opportunity to move to a higher level of trading on Forex.
- More available funds, even if you have open positions. The increased leverage will reduce the margin requirements for open positions and you’ll have more available funds on your account.
- Higher "drawdown" resistance. Lower margin requirements require less funds to maintain open positions.
Change your leverage to one of the following three:
1:700 1:888 1:1000

The automatic leverage reduction up to 1:500 is applied to real accounts:

1. From 11:00 PM (EET) Friday to 1:00 AM (EET) Saturday. During this period of time, you can’t choose the increased leverage. After this period, the leverage is automatically restored.
2. If the Equity on the account exceeds 2,000 USD / 1,800 EUR / 12,000 CNY / 1,700 GOLD.
Equity is the current amount of funds, which is calculated according to the following formula:
<Equity> = <Account balance> + <Floating (not fixed) result for open positions>
You can view the current Equity in "Trading" tab of your trading terminal.
In case the Equity on the trading account exceeds the numbers specified above and the increased leverage is automatically decreased to 1:500, you have to decrease the Equity up to the required numbers and send the second request to restore the leverage in "Change leverage" section of your Members Area.