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    RoboForex analytics center

    RoboForex provides its clients with free access to the complete set of analytical tools necessary for successful trading on the Forex market.

    The list of analytical services:
    • Analytical reviews newsfeed
      One of the key factors, which has great influence on the traders’ success, is their ability to correctly predict market movements. However, you don’t have to waste time on searching for important news and explain it (technical and fundamental analysis). The "Newsfeed" already contains a detailed review of key economic indicators and statistics.
    • Technical indicator signals
      This service provides access to signals of the most popular technical indicators (MA10, MA20, MA50, MA100, MACD, BBands, Ichimoku, Stochastic, William`s, ZigZag). You will be able to choose the one, which is more suitable for your trading strategy.
    • Video analytics
      In order to trade successfully, it’s important for you to understand global movements on the market and follow them in your trading. Video reviews contains possible scenarios of the market behavior for the next week.
    • Calendar of macroeconomic events and statistics
      The service includes Economic calendar, public holiday calendar, interest rates, breaking news, worldwide economic indicators, and dates when registries are fixed. Based on the received information, you can create your trading strategy taking into account important indicators of the global economy.
    • Educational content
      Trading strategies and video tutorials from MetaQuotes will provide insight into analytical tools, methods and strategies of trading on the Forex market. This content will be interesting not only for beginners, but for experienced traders as well.
    • Tools
      This service allows you to analyze the correlation of movement between different instruments, automatically define possible pivots, and calculate Fibonacci retracements much easier.
    • Online chat with an analyst

    This service give you an opportunity to ask the Company’s experts your questions at any time convenient for you and get detailed answers regarding the market situation as soon as possible.

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    RoboForex Analytics

    How are you guys? I hope you doing fine and keep making profits from market without problems. To RoboForex forum, I want to say big thanks for the contest and gave me the permission to write a content about RoboForex analytics in detailed version, which included RoboForex analytics center, Forex Fundamental analysis, Forex Technical analysis and forecasts, Economic calendar, Education, and Trading tools. These points will be explained well according to my own researches and experiences when using them for all these years I have been trading with RoboForex. During my explanation, I will also give my own opinion about them and tell the differences between pros and cons as well.


    All of those points above are the best services and programs of the company RoboForex which is actually beneficial for everyone who just visited the website for getting some knowledge and most importantly, it gives tremendous advantages when people becomes a verified client with them. Everything is free because they provide the services to ensure their client's safety in trading and managing their financial. I know that every companies are aware of their clients, but to me they are not as good as what RoboForex always put to work. The best example of all that is RoboForex has a forum for their clients to gather and sharing ideas about trading.

    Many members has become a loyal client of RoboForex and proved that all services really helped them. A lot of positive reviews can be found in this forum alone which coming from mostly old members who still active until now. I myself has been trading with RoboForex and used their services from the beginning of my participation here. To be honest, I mostly like to take RoboForex analysis as my additional recommendation to improve my trading ideas and to kill my doubts whenever I want to trade.

    1. RoboForex analytics center
    This is the best and complete place for all clients of RoboForex to look out for all type of analysis. It contains every trader's need to fulfill the thirst of information about what is happening with market and with different pairs, of course. Let me show how the looks of RoboForex analytics center when I am logging in to my member area. In analytics center, there are feed, signals, video, education, and tools which I will explain them very carefully one by one. Here is the link


    According to screenshot above, you can see there are simple guidelines for clients to see what is upcoming news about to release and how long we should wait for the news to release because there is a countdown timer next to the news. With this simple notification, we can easily get reminded by this to expect market volatility easier and put our awareness in case if we do not want to trade with the news. In this page we can also see a lot of news that already released before and whenever we click the news, system will automatically shows us the impact of the news with a chart next to it.

    In news tab when I clicked it, there are many information regarding news and detailed explanation about what is all about the news in a nutshell. Each news we click will provide different information and this is very useful for us to know a short detail about that news.

    In guest tab, there are 2 person who's probably the expert of making analysis as it is all described within their profile and we can see their complete analysis about market when we click the link below their picture.

    From the name we can easily recognize it is the perfect place for traders who wants to get plenty of trading recommendations from multiple strategies and indicators with all different time frames applied. I do not know where else we can find this kind of service with other companies but sure thing is, RoboForex is the best company for giving us such great services for free. Not only that, we can also change the products we want to get the signals starting from Forex, stocks, indices, CFD, and many more.

    For those who got a bit issue regarding to analyze market or still do not understand how RoboForex made the analysis for you, then in this video tab you can get all the explanation directly from a video that is fully described from an author using the same technique or analysis we can see from different tab. Somehow, this one is more suitable for beginners to understand because it is one by one teaching and less confusing than written rules. P.S. I do not know who is the author but he is doing awesome. Keep a good work sir!

    Ah, nothing can complete my news reading and time alarm of news beside using this calendar from RoboForex analytics. It does show same information about news like a calendar we can find in RoboForex website but when it comes to RoboForex analytics, everything becomes more detailed and complete with all the filters and edits we can apply. We can do anything we want to get the news come in handy without getting any surprise from sudden move of market. Any currencies are visible in this calendar and we can get to know the time release in precise timing. Not only that, we can also see that this service tells us about market current trading session. Right now to my screenshot, it shows New York session.

    In this tab alone, we can get all the basic knowledge about Forex trading along with complete packages of learning. Very suitable for newcomers who just come to this business and want to know Forex better. There are different strategies from different indicators and tools to understand market and most of them are familiar with me and I got less memories to trade with them when I was a beginner. Every time frame starting M1 to Daily has their own suitable strategies to learn. Makes the learning process become easier to do.

    In this tab there are plenty of Forex trading tools we can use to improve our trading analysis and we no longer need to attach any indicators to our chart anymore because we can use every single information only in this section. It contains market historical volatility, pivot point, Fibonacci calculator, US Interest Rate, deal size calculator, correlation calculator, currency converter, currency heatmap, and Forex calculators. For complete explanations, I will show the whole screenshot in the next update after this one because I can not do all my work in one single post. Please be patient, I will be right back soon.

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    There are many tabs available inside Tools of RoboForex Analytics. Each tab provides different function which will give us the access of things. Allow me to describe each tabs in this updated post one by one, starting with:

    a. Historical volatility

    As it has been properly explained by the picture above, we can see this tab to show price current volatility on any pairs we are trading. This is another supportive way to help us analyze market and to understand market current trend. We can use this as extra confirmation to know whether market is going to change its trend or else continue it.

    b. Pivot point

    With this application, we do not need to insert any indicators to find market pivot points because we can get the information simply through here and another best thing is, we can locate every single pivot points from multiple pairs. Less efforts needed compared to our manual approach by inserting pivot indicator on every chart with different pairs.

    c. Fibonacci calculator

    Another great service provided by RoboForex Analytics to help traders locate specific levels according to Fibonacci. This method does not requires any physical application of Fibonacci because the system will automatically tell us certain levels of Fibonacci based on the price numbers we input at market today's lowest and highest price.

    d. US Interest Rate

    This tab has a simple information about US Interest Rate and tells us about any chance of the rate to change lower or higher. If the percentage of rate stays at 0% then US would probably keep the rate unchanged at 2.5%. Really useful for traders who use fundamental analysis.

    e. Deal size calculator

    This actually a simple yet perfect calculator to help us measure how much lot size we can enter with certain amount of deposit we have inside our trading account. It also helps us to calculate the risk too.

    f. Correlation calculator

    This calculator helps us to calculate possible change of market movements with the formula we can see from above pic. Never use this though, but looks useful.

    g. Currency converter

    Probably one service you can skip because this one only help us to show the price difference between currencies.

    h. Currency heatmap

    I also do not use this and always skip this because I do not really understand how to apply the information in this part. Looks convenient, though.

    i. Forex calculator and margin calculator

    This service of RoboForex Analytics provides simple UI and easy access compared to the website version of lot calculation.

    j. Stop loss calculator

    We can calculate our risk here and measure the suitable stop loss according to the requested field we set with lot size, etc.

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    k. Profit/loss calculator

    Similar to above calculator but this one is to find the difference between our profit and loss amounts.

    l. Pip calculator

    Finally one last service from RoboForex Analytics, this calculator helps us to count price pips according to specific currency, symbol, and contract size.

    2. Forex Fundamental analysis
    This is another part services and programs of the company RoboForex which is located outside member area. This service is absolutely free and people can access this website without registering as a client. I have been using every analysis I can find here for my own trading and improve my skill to learn how to analyze market just like what I always see. I always having trouble to understand news or any fundamental things because I always work hard with my analysis through technical and find it more convenient than fundamental. Fortunately, with the help of this service, I am starting to fill my interest back again and start another learning with it. Direct link is through here

    Different news will be updated everyday and RoboForex mostly focusing on major currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, JPY, AUD, and NZD. Thank goodness I do not have any problem with that because I also trading with major pairs too and find this service really useful for me to know about market in fundamental way. Even though I just read the description, at least it helps me to know more about market.

    3. Forex Technical analysis and forecasts
    This service allows us to use many technical analysis from RoboForex analyst team to give us possible indications about market in different pairs, even with Gold, Silver, or Brent not only with major Forex pairs. My senior trader where I was learning in a community told me couple times about how accurate these analysis from RoboForex and they are right all along. I have proved most of the time the analysis working for me about 80%. I will do my trade based on this recommendation and fully aware of the risk. I only avoid trading when I am not in the mood and simply let the day ends to wait for another new analysis.

    Here is one example of today's technical analysis about EURUSD pair. From H1 time frame we can see that the analysis told us about possible pullback and downtrend.

    4. Economic calendar
    A must have thing for every brokers to provide a calendar which tells market news, their date and time release, brief definition of the news, and so on. I think this is a common thing everyone already know and use for daily trading whether we are trading with technical or fundamental analysis. I use this service of RoboForex to detect any nearby news that about to release to give me extra caution to stay alert and keep monitoring my trade.

    Seeing many currencies from multiple Nations? Do not worry, we can filter the news and choose which currencies we are paying full attention.

    5. Education
    There are so many basic learning that RoboForex provides in this section and they are referred for beginners who are new to the business starting to tell about new client registration, how to open a trading account, to download specific trading platform, verify documents for full access, and more. This page should be the first thing we offer to beginners or if we got some referrals who are new in this business, we can give and lead them to this site to let them read things while we do the job with explanation for each points there.

    6. Trading tools
    This service from RoboForex is actually for Stock trading. I never use or visit this one but it is for people who interested to learn about trading with Stocks market and build a strategy using this tool of Strategy builder that is provided by RoboForex.

    Alright guys, that is all about my thread. I hope this one is worth enough to read participate in the contest. Fortunately, my experiences with RoboForex tells me there is no mistake, cons, or anything that is negative within all services and programs of RoboForex because I mostly use them until now and find a lot of benefits. I hope we can be a wise, honest, logical, and better traders from now on and able to get our goals in the business near time. Good luck and have a nice trading day.

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