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Thread: Try to learn forex first then earn

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    I think Learning is one of the rule of a business...Because Fis we should try to learn well and then do.F you will enter into market after learning then, you understand to market.and then you will get good result...

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    yes it is very fruit ful and use ful method of run up the business of froexe learn and earned is the basic formula of any business if any persons the is any begginer whoo ha s not come tolearn he always fell in teh loss because who has not learn the bsic how kknow of theforexe business so we learn first ly rulles of forexe business and afer run up the forexe business

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    This is a good topic for the beginners, no doubt in it. Before going to live trading the foremost task is to practice with demo trading. Proper skill and knowledge on forex is also essential. Without adequate skill and knowledge if we move to real trading directly, then the possibility to become gainer may decrease. Our adequate knowledge and skill can show us the right path to succeed.

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    Forex business is very much profitable but very hard too. a simple mistake can ruin everything. knowledge of forex is very much needed. so try to gather it from books, websites. and don't forget to practise in demo account, its very useful.

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    At first a treader have to know forex from book or a scoler . after knowing forex than you can make mony.

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    Learning is very important for traders because no studying mean no creating and no success. so if you want produce always by forex working then you must comprehend about that.. if you will begin market after complete studying then you will comprehend to advertise and then you will get outstanding result..

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    my dear friends There can not be earning when there is learning, it is first lecture i received from my tutor of forex.As your learning goes on, you can also be doing your private home work, it creates better trader. It is not until you trade that you can win money, it is until you are serious to make the money.

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    as i am new member at first i will learn about forex and i will learn till death.. because ther is no better option for forex without learn

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    my dear sit this is a must in everything, we need to learn and practice before do something, and it will make us understand for how to take the right steps and jump at this business with deeply, learning and practicing will give us the understanding for how to manage the business and survive and even make it profitable,
    we can get so many sources to get information, education to increase knowledge and develop the ability right now,

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    Yes dear i am agree with you, we must have to focus on learning and practice the market. The more we learn the more we earn money in forex market so learning never be ends here and it must be consistent every time but unfortunately many traders did not work hard and gets much loss.

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