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Thread: Try to learn forex first then earn

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    Yes, learning is a key factor of success in Forex business. Without learning a person can not gain in Forex business. If a person can learn about Forex properly and gather more knowledge and experience about Forex then start Forex, ultimately he or she can earn more money as well as sustain in long term in Forex market. It is true that More Learning More earning in Forex business.

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    It is very important in Forex trading business to learn first and then earn.Learning is very necessary in Forex trading to earn from this business without learning no one can earn and get success in this business.So,i suggest every trader first try to learn about Forex then start earning a huge amount of profit in this business.

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    Yup we can't make huge amount of money in forex by any short cut way so its very necessary to learn well in this business other wise we will never be able to make good amount of money from forex and because of many mistakes it will be hard to become a good trader in the market

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    The new employees are always try to learn about the Forex and collect the proper knowledge about the Forex trading . Learning is very important for the traders because no learning means no earning . learning is the main factor of the Forex trading because learning is the most important part of the Forex trading business.

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    You have said it very right that one must first learn about the trade and then go for earning in the Forex market. We all know that knowledge is very much required to earn money. So a trader must be well acquainted with different trading concepts that will help him to earn money.

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    Learning is must but the problem where to start who would guide us and what to learn and IF brokers are not supportive then we have to look around here and there But roboforex is providing an excellent opportunity to new traders and forums is full of learning material and You can spend time here in learning what is needed to trade and Then use proper risk reward to get what we should atleast target


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    What is worth doing at all is worth doing well and this adage is very true of forex trading. We must be ready to invest our time, money and resources to learning so that we might acquire necessary knowledge, skills and experience. We can hardly succeed without knowledge and skills and these things do not just happen by accident. They come as a result of learning and practice.

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    In forex trading, learning precedes earning because it through learning and practice you acquire the required skills and experience to trade forex profitably. Any attempt to trade forex without knowledge is tantamount to gambling and it is quick way to lose one's hard earned money

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    I think learn is main part for success in Forex trade because i think without learn no trader can gain success in Forex trade. Learn is most essential for every trader in Forex because learn is main key for gain success in Forex. So try to proper knowledge about Forex than go for earn in Forex other wise you loss your account.

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    of course we should learn how to make profit in this market because this market is risky and if we don't make profit we will lose our money , so learn protect us from loss money , and i think learning in this market is very easy , only we need practice on demo account with only one successful strategy , and then apply that in real account ..

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