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Thread: Try to learn forex first then earn

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    Certainly all new forex traders must first focus on learning all that is needed to trade profitably in the forex market before thinking of earning huge profit from the market. But unfortunately a lot of new traders attempt to make huge profits before learning.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Its like saying that one should go to a driving school to perfect his or her driving skills before actually driving, the same is applicable to forex trading if you want to earn from the currency market you have to first learn to understand how to trade and analyse the currency market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbasiit View Post
    Always try to learn forex before trying to make money because without learning you will just be trading with hit and trail, some trade in profit and some in loss so this is not the exact way of making money in forex, you should read forex related books, take seminars etc to learn forex first.
    I think the forex trading is very complicated business and if we want to get the success in the trading we need to have the proper knowledge of the trading and learn the forex trading well and understand the nature of the business and adjust ourself with the trading but if we do then we mange the trading well.

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    Forex is not the type of business in which a trader could get the profit just by investing the amount,this is a type of business in which the trader must have the experience and knowledge of trading.And a trader develops this by reading the books related to forex or by attending seminars etc..So in forex first a trader have to learn the trading and then only he could earn something from that.

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    I think that is right.we should learn forex market first than start trading in this market because if we can not learn about this market than huge chance is that we can loose our money in this market.if we learn about this market first than we start trading than we are safe from big losses.

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    Very correct sir we can not make our career in this business without proper learning we may win for some trades with random trading but for continuous and consistent earning and to get a life supportive income from this business we need to learn this business thoroughly and increase our knowledge and experience before thinking of any solid income.

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    Yes, we need to invest huge time to learn as our trading profit are closely related with our trading knowledge and skill.
    So, we need to learn forex first and then move to earn. I am also trying to learn forex properly so that I have not to face any major problem to earn expected profit.

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    You say right, if we emphasized to do this business without knowledge that are very wrong track, not right track, right track is making self as good trader , understand market movement, understand market condition. gather bot fundamental and technical analysis on the business then you can success.

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    Knowledge is the power to earn money from Forex, until unless a trader have sufficient knowledge then it will be very difficult for him to know the entry levels. because every rate may look like attractive to create the position but only a knowledgeable trader can recognize what is the right to to entry and right time to exit from a position. Because it may difficult to know the support and resistance levels. Without knowing those levels it will very difficult to know the stop loss and profit booking levels. SO learn and wait patiently to earn money from Forex.

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    Hi traders,

    Here is what always happen to new traders, hapened to me, and I'm sure many of you too:

    You discover forex
    You try a demo for a maximum of one month
    You win on demo and feel tempted to trade real thinking you know everything
    You go real and start getting margin calls
    Finally you loose all and regret your deeds.

    This is the first lesson we ever learned, a hard one.

    So my advice to new traders is to start with a small amount that you afford to loose and see how the real thing goes, see how your emotion can easily take over your trading, and how many things you ignore about forex.. Only then you will be convinced to really start learning.

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