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Thread: Try to learn forex first then earn

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    learning is essential for any trader wants to succeed in this market and without learning the trader will not succeed and will leave this market quickly ,so the trader should make learning is the first step for him before looking for making of profits and if he learned well he will become successful trader in the future .

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    yes I am strongly agree with your point of view before trading you should learn forex before you can earn get courses from internet read books and watch videos tutorials related to forex trading on YouTube and forex trading is not an easy task people come and invest their money without learning and loose and get disappointed because this is not a correct way without learning you sometime wins and lose and can loose a huge amount so I recommend that people should learn Forex first

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    No knowledge is lost. We should believe that proper training, seminar and related forex books those are what we need in the forex market. Learning and practice make us perfect and expert in the forex trading. Learning is what we need every minutes, Every hour and everyday in the forex trading. A good trader should have at least an experience trader as menthol and more practice from demo account to help in the forex trading.

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    It is a slow and steady movement in forex trading, because when we try to earn first then we face losses, but when we learn first we grow and become Good. The market will always be here, so it is in our best interest that we always put the interest of learning at heart first at all times, it will help us make good progress.

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    That is right way if any traders want to success in this business, Forex trading is very hard and risk business and we have to gather a lot of knowledge to understand how this market work and move, then we can earn money when we have good knowledge, New traders should not be hurry to gain money because trading without knowledge meaning losses.

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    Emotions is the only cause which would make a person wanting to avoid learning and then jump towards earnings, it does not work that way, the learning has to be well done on the demo account and then when we are fully good at the demo account, that is when we can switch over to the real trading account.

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    The beginners have many ways to go in the forex trading business. You must learn and have the knowledge on it. Forex trading is not what you can just imagine and started trade. No one is 100% perfect in the forex trade and learning is number one thing every traders should know before we can start earning.

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    [lang=ar]I do agree with you that at trader should learn first in order to be able to earn . the ability of learning can be one of the trading skills we can acquire from practicing some thing we have some experience in previously , thus the trader who try every thing he learned step by step he can make a good base for the trading ways he needs[/lang]

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    Its really important for us first learn about this business then we will be earn profit from this market. We must need first learn then we can earn in forex. Our own experience is very important for us because if we have no experience then we will get nothing in this business. We always need concentrate on learning because learning is the best way to earn good and big profit from this market.

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    It is important for everyone that have the mindset of earning in forex market should first of all learn forex, it is not possible for you to succeed in forex when you have not learned how you can succeed in this business, I believe we all know that forex trade is not like every other business that you can easily succeed without proper learning.

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