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Thread: Try to learn forex first then earn

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    Both the newbies and the professionals in forex trading need more learning experience in other for them to avail themselves with the opportunity tomake more profits and reduce their loss in the business.More knowledge is needed in the area of trading analysis, in both the fundamentals and technicals aspect of forex trading.The more knowledge you get from learning will determine your earnjngs thus learning preecede earnings in forex trading.

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    Exactly , as i begin with 5$ and i loss it all because i started without experience , some traders invest without experience then get alot of losses and sometimes margin call , then say why i loss money , then invest more and lose until he gi e up , because he think its easy like game and forgot to learn

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    i think learning before geting in trade is much important because nothing is done without learning because you can join trade yes,bt what will you do if not geting loss because u have not learned what is supposed to br done,,so i will like to advise my firends that learning first is more important because know the right thing to do

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    in life,the nature has put all things in order and the desire to want to jump a step can land you in a trouble in life, take for example, you are first a son before you become a father, you are first a student before you become a professor, you are first a learner before you become a master, and in forex you are first a rookie before you become a guru and all this will have to go through a passage, if you would not want to go through the passage, then there is no way we can become in life, so in your forex carrier, do not desire to become the master today without taking the time to learn.

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    i know that the most difficult aspect of any business or venture is the learning part because many time we are been faced with so many things that we are not familiar with, but be that as it may,we can not make any tangible success in life if we are not ready to learn, so it is in the forex market business, we must try to learn some good basics pof the business before we can think of ,making any kind of success here, those who will not want to ;learn should forget about making money because learning must come before earning,

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    in forex you can make continuous losses if you you don't have knowledge and skills to trade many people have cried and even now many people are crying about loosing their money so but i have a very good idea on house to make profits than losses and by learning and equipping yourself with skills an thus life will be soo good and you can now earn alot of money

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    if anyone want s to be successful in doing anything you have learn first because you can no do anything without knowing how it is done so traders please make sure that you learn first then earn later and by doing so i promise you extra ordinary success in your trading life

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    Sometime I really wonder how can a trader start trading without in real account without learning as for me that is not right in anway and I can call it greed which can finish you really first .if you want to trade make sure you learn from the relevant sources so that you cannot loose your money,and you should know that this is a risky market that you might loose your money anytime so I tell to go slowly

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    of course we have to study well and learn in forex will take a long time, why is that because we need to get knowledge for understanding well in this market, traders will be easier to analyze and make a profit on forex when it already has an understanding with the movement of market prices and to have such capabilities, the trader must pass through a pretty painful experience..

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    Yeah mate first of all we have to learn that how we can earn consistent amount of money in forex for that you have to create and build a good trading system at first and as we know that without a good knowledge and practice that would not be complete at all. In forex most of trader's don't have a good learning and practice so they are not aware with the right system of trading.

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