Try to learn forex first then earn
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Thread: Try to learn forex first then earn

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    Try to learn forex first then earn

    Always try to learn forex before trying to make money because without learning you will just be trading with hit and trail, some trade in profit and some in loss so this is not the exact way of making money in forex, you should read forex related books, take seminars etc to learn forex first.

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    There can not be earning when there is learning, it is first lecture i received from my tutor of forex.As your learning goes on, you can also be doing your private home work, it creates better trader. It is not until you trade that you can win money, it is until you are serious to make the money. You need to learn, then act with what you learn and get full experience.

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    bbasiit, for new starter trader learning is always best for them. they need to learn about it before thinking about big earn and surely they should practice in demo trade. if they want start earn without learn then they make trouble in their work , i am sure they will loss for their greed, they want earn as much as possible while they don't have skill for that.

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    yes, its one of the rule of a business that first we should try to learn it well and then do trading is such a business that it requires alot of knowledge and we should try to learn it well before doing it...many people who has joined forex trading without any knowledge , they are always suffering in order to make any profit in forex trading, then we should first learn forex trading well and then make a plan for it and do it with applying our knowledge....

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    this is a must in everything, we need to learn and practice before do something, and it will make us understand for how to take the right steps and jump at this business with deeply, learning and practicing will give us the understanding for how to manage the business and survive and even make it profitable,
    we can get so many sources to get information, education to increase knowledge and develop the ability right now,

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    Always keep in mind that learning is more important than earning. In every business to earn money we need to learn it first. In Forex also trying to learn from successful trader and practicing from demo account is more important. Trying to learn from Forex is really important for any beginner while we face a loss we should learn from it and while earning money also need to control greed and learn new strategies.

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    True, we did not need to pursue profits in forex trading, especially if we are beginners. There is still a lot we have to learn before you start trading forex, at least we should learn trading analysis, money management and trading psychology good use when trading forex.

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    Learning is very important for traders because no learning mean no earning and no success. so if you want earn always by forex trading then you must learn about that.. if you will enter into market after complete learning then you will understand to market and then you will get good result..

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    yes it is profitable to learn first and you must learn the basics of this business to be able to trade without any big loss with the market . i love learning and training i think it is the hardest step to make any profits from this market so you must as a beginner trader to focus on learning first and you will earn .

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    A newbie trader should always try to learn more and more about forex and then start start earning.Learning is very important for traders because no learning means no earning and no success as well.A trader should always learn from a successful trader or practicing from demo accounts.It will help a trader to make his strategies better.

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