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Thread: What is candlestick strategy?

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    The candlesticks pattern will help us to see the market chart and find the trendline easily, candlesticks trading is the best way we can trade because with the help of the candlesticks pattern we can easily analyze the market accurately, candlesticks pattern is the best chart pattern that we can use to analyze the market very easily at anytime.

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    It is very easy to work with these candlestick pattern because of the reason we have lot of option for trading and we understand them and make better utilization in proper way , so every trader must learn it well and develop his ideas so we chose the right plan for trade through we will get success in market .

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    These patterns are telling us market movement and its trend earlier and we will be able to earn good profit on a daily basis with the use of these patterns. The most important thing for traders to know the market trend and candlestick patterns are the best way to find the market trend and its direction. A candlestick trading strategy always helps traders to know this market trend well.

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    We have a lot to make from the candlesticks pattern and these pattern can give traders the means to trade with proper price action. These candle sticks can help us in forex and sure it's going to bring about profitable earnings for us. This candlesticks strategy is helpful and good understanding about this pattern will enable us know when to open and close a trade with better edge of coming up with profitable results.

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    Candlestick strategy means the use of the candlestick pattern in trading, we all do need to have such a simple form of trading, I consider it simple, in such a way that I have been able to have taken note about it. I have learned and known the simple ways by which the trader can become profitable with the use of the candlestick strategy, it is not going to be all that simple but it is quite effective in getting to take new trades.

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    Candlestick trading strategy is very effective for us. There are many candlestick trading strategy and if we are follow them then we can easily make good profit from this business. I always use the market trend in my trading and find the trend f market with the candlestick trading pattern. if we are trade in this business with candlestick bullish or bearish pattern then our success is possible in this business.

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    If we surely understand this candlesticks pattern, we would be able to handle up our trade and can have the possibility to earn from forex. This strategy is good and its one of the best way we can achieve more winning trading. These candlesticks pattern can indeed help us to earn well if we understand them and know what it represent. It enables us to understand price action and predict what is obtainable when a candle forms.

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    A candlestick strategy in which we are use candlestick in our trading. there are three famous chart which we can use in our trading in which one is candlestick chart second is bar chart and third is the line chart. In all of these three charts the candlestick chart patterns are most famous and easily understandable chart for traders and all traders are only use this chart in their trading to find the market trend and trade on this market.

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    Candle sticks formations and patterns are very useful in trading the Forex market, some of the candlesticks formation are doji, hammer, pin bar, spinning top, etc, and we have some patterns indicating sell or buy signal, some are to predict the trend reversal, like head and shoulders, double top or bottom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by letsdo View Post
    There is a lot of candlestick strategies are available in the market. But, a trading strategy which is based on our hard work and practice it work good to make profit from the market. I read from many books that candlestick patterns are 50% accurate if we do more analyses than it giving us 90% accuracy.
    Thats right , on the basis of experience and hard working we can take a lot of benefits from the candlestick patterns which are really very accurate choices for us and earning the success with these simpler methods is not a big deal if we understand them completely so we must have the knowledge properly for taking benefits from it .

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