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    Forum: terms of use

    Before posting the first message on the forum RoboForex, please read the rules!

    1. The forum

    1.1The project https://forum.roboforex.com (hereafter - the "Forum") is the property of RoboForex Ltd. Any user who fully agrees with these rules can participate in the Forum's work.

    2. Rules

    2.1 The rules go into effect from the moment of their publication on and can becompleted or changed at any time with obligatory notification to the Forum members by posting ads.
    When analyzing conflicts and disputes the administrator is guided by these Rules as well as his own ideas about the value of content or the individual participant to the Forum.

    3. Registration and profile

    3.1 The registration and use of several accounts by one person is prohibited. If under some circumstances you cannot use your account you should apply to forum.admin@roboforex.com

    3.2 The administration reserves the right to turn down the user's registration if the nickname:

    • is similar to the one that already exists on the Forum;
    • is similar to the brand or company name;
    • includes advertisement, websites and e-mails;
    • does not meet the ethical criteria (hard to pronounce or offensive, consisting of numbers or special symbols only).

    3.3 The use of signatures and avatars including direct links to the member's website or one with inappropriate or pornographic content is prohibited.

    3.4 The use of signature including:
    • any contacts, phone numbers, e-mails, ICQ and so on, as well as any combination of symbols which can be considered as the above mentioned;
    • open or camouflaged advertising;
    • active or inactive links;
    • referral links are prohibited.

    4. Messages

    4.1 The messages which include spam are to be banned without notification, as well as their author's accounts.

    4.2 Posting the false, slanderous and/or illegal information is prohibited.

    4.3 Stick to the communication standards on the Forum. Threatening, abusive, discriminating, pressing one’s opinion, arguing ad hominem (flame) messages are prohibited.

    4.4 Messages or threads that stir up any kind of conflict and confrontation containing incriminating non-evident statements against any member of the Forum are prohibited.

    4.5 Messages without meaning, containing only smiles, as well as off topic ones are to be deleted without warning.

    4.6 Use forum search before starting a new thread to make sure that a similar issue was not discussed earlier.

    4.7 Put a message in thematically appropriate section / subsection / thread to avoid littering the Forum.

    4.8 The intentional breaking the text of the messageinto multiple short ones which are published within a short period of time (double-posting, serial messages) is prohibited.

    4.9 The Forum language is English. Do not use foul language, both explicit and implicit.

    4.10 The overuse of the option to highlight the text (by color, type size, font) and OPTION "CAPS LOCK" in the messages, titles and signatures is prohibited. Only important information is the subject to highlight.

    4.11 It is forbidden to use a red font. It is the prerogative of the administrators, moderators and employees.

    4.12 The cross-posting (duplicate posts / treads, multiple output of the same or similar posts in different threads and sections) is prohibited.

    4.13 The over-quoting is prohibited. Accent only the main points in the quoted message. If the quoted message contains a picture, then it (or a link to it) must be removed from the quote.

    4.14 It is prohibited to use active links in the messages if it is not approved by Forum administration.

    5. Discussion

    5.1 The discussion / advertising of advisors with software flaws is prohibited.

    5.2 The discussion / advertising of third party brokersis prohibited.

    5.3 The discussion / advertising and distributing of potentially dangerous software, any extremist or pornographic information, as well as software piracy is prohibited.

    6. Advertisement

    6.1 Advertising placed outside the "Advertising" section, is regarded as spam and should be removed.

    6.2 Advertisements must comply with the Rules of "advertising."

    6.3 Advertising in signature profile:
    • third-party sites should clearly correspond to the subject area of the Forum;
    • one Member may advertise not more than one site in the signature;
    • website advertised in the signature must contain the reverse active link to a website or Forum of RoboForex posted on the main page of the advertised website;
    • do not use the referral or affiliate links.

    7. Copyright

    7.1 Any copyrighted material placed by the author (user) at the Forum, becomes the property of the Forum. Forum users can not claim their posts as an object of an exclusive copyright and in the future should not require its removal or editing.

    7.2 When using analysis it is necessary to specify the author or reference to the source (link should be inactive and look as the following _https://www.roboforex.com/analytics/forex-forecasts/fundament-28122011/1336/). When it is not possible you should use the "quote" option to visually separate the analytical material and the user's (your) point.

    7.3 It is prohibited to use total copying (copy-paste) of the posts / threads from other forums (websites, blogs). Such messages should be removed, the user who posted them gets a red card, and in the case of relapse - ban.

    7.4. Copying messages/threads (or their fragments) from "Roboforex" forum to third-party resource is prohibited for everybody including authors (Par. 7.1). Such messages will be deleted. In case of repetition, forum member responsible for that will be banned. Message (or its fragment) can be copied to third-party website only in case of providing link to the source: https://forum.roboforex.com

    8. Moderation

    8.1 If you see a violation of the Forum Rules (such as a duplication of the existing thread, offtopic, wrong location, etc.), inform a moderator who will take the necessary measures.

    8.2 The administrator reserves the right to transfer threads / messages without notifying and explanation, if he believes the original placement is wrong.

    8.3 The administrator reserves the right to remove / correct the threads and messages, to close them, as well as to correct the user's signatures without further explanation.

    8.4 Do not discuss the actions of moderators. If you do not agree with the actions of a moderator, contact the administrator or moderators. Complaint will be considered collectively and if your complaint is justified, the moderator will be applied to discipline.

    8.5 The administration has the right to change the privacy settings of the user's profile if they run counter to these Rules.

    8.6 To appeal to specific moderator write him a letter including:

    • your nickname at the Forum;
    • link to the thread / post which is the reason of your appeal;
    • the reasons why you do not agree with his actions or decisions.

    If you are not satisfied with the answer or you can not find out who used penalties towards you, please contact the forum administrator RoboForex Administrator via personal messages or e-mail forum.admin@roboforex.com

    Claims sent to the administration without prior appeal to the moderator and without the discussion with him attached to this claim are not considered.
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