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Thread: Basic introduction about technical indicator

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    Basic introduction about technical indicator

    Technical indicator help trader to work successfully in this market like fundamental and other strategies we are using , we consider technical level for the following reason :
    ....Basic purpose to find market direction with using trend indicator check volatility and track price oscillation
    ....Find safe ideas in time of stress
    ....our trading became profitable with use a limited risk techniques
    ....A good decision making comes from detailed analysis about technical
    ....trader use technical because we have so many different idea like indicator , pattern , shapes ,support and resistance and trendline to make clear target .

    Discussion purpose: Here my purpose to give basic knowledge about technical indicator so we understand well and utilize well .

    Technical indicator are devided into different form including "trendline,oscillation ,Volatility and support and resistance level.

    Every trader used trendline widely because it is simple to tell about trendling up or trendling down so we down
    In trendline we use Moving average , Ichimoku , Parabolic SAR used for trend finding ;
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    Oscilator tell us about the momeentum about a currency within the specific period of time It move with price movement as we see in trendline when price reach to an extreme level then we get idea about the droop by using perfectly these indicator ,RSI ,MCAD and Stochastics are widely used for find the direction .
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    It is also a very important to check market swing its highness and factor effecting is something important if we guess exact that will help trader to make a perfect trade in volatility we used mostly bollinger band(also used for trendline) and Average true range for this purpose .
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    Other technical indicator include Support and resistence level and volume techniques to control market movement .
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    Every tool is important our success is complete depend on it how professional we are to perform our trading by get detailed knowledge in 2nd series we discuss individually all these indicator for the sake of more elaboration and more detail because it is the only way give us detailed learning about them .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penuelophir View Post
    One of the most key factors that have affected the novice forex traders is their lack of interest to start learning and keep on learning new things which shal make them become better and profitable at the end of it all. There is need to make sure that we first of all invest enough time into the world of learning and practicing on the demo trading accounts due to the fact that when there is enough learning and gaining of knowledge and experiences then we can become stable while trading the forex market.

    in my opinion the focus on one system will be better than learning many things which in the end will make us confused. Because in trading, in my opinion, the more we know, the more difficult it will be for us to control our ego, and the less we know it will be easier for us to discipline

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    technical indicators are good for trading and making of money and many traders use it especially the beginners that depend totally on it and so they can be able to trade and make some money, the trader needs to trade with the suitable indicators for him and so he can be able to know how to trade successfully with them and make money easily.

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