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    when i entered forex market i deposited 100 dollars ans opened a position and the pip wad equal 1 dollars and i earned 15 pips and was about to withdraw the 15 dollars but my greed controlled me and made me continue in trading and suddenly i lost all money i have in one hour because of the news that made the market move against me
    so i advise every forex trader to avoid the time of the news

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    i think that it was not only a matter of news which cause you to loose your money...but it was also about a poor planning and strategy and also you have got greedy, so maybe you have opened too many positions in order to make more in that process , you have lost money...but it is also advised that if you do not have a good strategy and information, then it is wise not to trade during news release...

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    True, in this week I just lost all my capital around $ 120 due to the impact of the news on a pair eur / jpy move up to the highest peak in the last few years, I do not know if a few days earlier were a positive improvement of the state of German in the field politics thus affecting the euro currency

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    Yes this is right you can earn more by news trading.. but if you will never control on yourself and you will doing over trading then you can loss your all profit or money.. because this is economical business and market values can be changed any time without any limit..

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    yes i can say trading with the news is not for every trader because the price is moving crazy so it is necessary to stop trading or trading with the lowest lot size and with a good money management plane and you must also read the news to know where the price may go to follow it and to make profits .

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    The price always moves up and down and it is not easy for every trader who is trading in Forex.But a trader can earn more by news trading.A trader should always trade with the lowest size and safety and with a good money management plan.So i want to tell that news planning is very necessary for every traders in forex business.

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    News trading is not good for us because it will gives us more loss in forex market . News makes the market moves very fast and many of times the market will moves opposite direction and we will face loss so it is important for us to do technical trading it is easy and reliable.

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    I have had same experience,that's why its important to always use stop lose on your entries due to market uncententy,you can't always except profit in all your entries, risk management is very essential as a trader with long term targets and not imidiate returns on all entries.

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    well this is what has happened to me a lot of time, i make good profit initially but then due to the news i lose all of my profits as well as my account balance also, but now i know how to utilize the news to get profits and now i am really enjoying it now.

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    Yeah it is right that you can earn more money by news trading.. but if you don't control on yourself than it may chance to loose money and you will doing over trading then you can loss your all profit.. because this is economical business and market values can be changed whenever ....

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