When we talk about the Risk allocation management model (RAMM), this system is actually based on the higher risk management and proportional allocation of profits. If you follow the Ramm system in Roboforex, you will get the maximum protection from losses without decreasing the profitability of your investment.
Here I will write about the advantages and disadvantages of this Ramm system in my own opinion


A. For an investor:

1). You can possibly invest money without participating in the trading process. This is good and easy for those who don't have time to trade forex.

2). Ramm system have been designed for an investor to have full control over the acceptable level of risk. By specification of the risk you can afford in a week, this system will make sure it does not pass it.

3). You could as well have the right opportunity to open ratings in order to find out traders who are good or actually successful so as to copy their trade and pay them percentage of fixed commissions on an agreed period.

4). An investor would also have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any trader at any given time. This is good because when a trader performance is bad, an investor can easily pull out from such trader and look out for a better options.

5). This system will only allow investors to pay traders commissions or percentage only when they make profits.

6). The size of your investment won't matter when it comes to copying trades.

B. For Traders

1). These Ramm system has a risk control control system for traders to control or set the level of their risk which protect their trade against loss above their risk limit.

2). A trader have the ability to create a strategy, start trading and enter ratings.

3). The trader would be able to get commission from copying when profits is made either in fixed or percentage commission from the investor profits.

4). When a trader becomes good and have a high rating, seeking more higher weekly commission of percentage profits is possible.

5). The Ramm is easily designed for investors to see traders with high rating, so once your rating is high you could attract investors yourself.

6). You enjoy this Ramm system as a Roboforex trader.

7). Since traders will have the chance to trade with a share percentage risk, there is no need to calculate lot size.


A. For an Investor :

1). An investor in the Ramm system might not possibly like the high rate commission or percentage charge of traders with high ratings. Since an investor would not like risking with traders on a low ratings and low commission, established traders won't come cheap either.

2). You still face the risk of losing too. Investing in the Ramm system do not mean automatic profits, you would also hope that traders you choose to copy their trade do well too because you need profits.

3). A high rating trader do not mean excellence, there is possibility of those rating to fall at different times.

4). You do not know the trader personally and can't give orders. You either agree with the trading agreement or backout.

B. For a Trader:

1). You face huge competitive race with other high ranking traders and would work extra hard if you must reach a high rating position.

2). As a new trader, the ability to get investors will be difficult. You must prove yourself with your own trading capital.

3). Since you are not highly ranked, you must be forced to charge low percentage or commission from investors.

4). No commission is paid to you once you loose a trade.

5). As a highly ranking trader you must keep winning consistently to avoid loosing investors