RAMM-system : We start, control and liquidate investments
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Thread: RAMM-system : We start, control and liquidate investments

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    RAMM-system : We start, control and liquidate investments

    RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Model) is a new generation type of investment in forex trading that combines all trading simplicities both as traders and investors. Trading with RAMM account will give us a total control of our risk in trading so we will not lose everything in a single trade because we must have set our risk before as it is already part of the account’s setting. Rest assured, risk is controlled and account will be managed well.

    In brief explanation, RAMM is an excellent choice for people who new to the business and really want to make money from Forex market but has no time to learn by themselves. Probably people like a businessman type or entrepreneur type who got money but no time to spare. Also known as copy or signal service, this type of account provides its own excellence for the traders to gain total control of their account. Even if we play as investor, we still can change our risk and profitability ratio as we wish. But responsibility remains.

    We start …

    In RAMM system, we can choose to take part as trader, investor, or both and each decision has their own benefits. One common benefit we will get no matter which one we will choose, we will be trading with the same execution price so there is no spread when we are trading. We will be trading directly to running price.

    When we are trading as investors and traders, we will get doubled benefits from RAMM system because we will get profits and so the commissions for our trading. This is why this account type is very suitable for traders who able to trade aggressively and actively to gain maximum benefits from market. The thing is, RAMM is quite similar to PAMM account but RAMM has more differences which are better than PAMM in many ways. There are many strategies from top 5 traders we can follow according to RoboForex websites of RAMM.

    We control …

    In RAMM system, we have the highest responsibility to fully control our fund. Before we can start trading or make money, we must decide and set how much risk we want to put on each trade and how much income percentage we want to make per each trade. Once things has been set up, then we will no longer need to worry of losing everything from market because one market is going against us, our wrong trades will be closed by force according to our risk limitation.

    Trading with RAMM account will give us the free access of our money because we will be given our own place to keep our account’s fund. More like a VIP service to me which is a great thing for people who doubt things a lot and complain about their fund’s safety while they are trading. Hopefully this RAMM will help them solve their problem in trading.

    We liquidate …

    In RAMM system, everything we are trading are visible both to traders and investors so there will be no tricks to cheat one or any sides in market. People who get themselves involved with RAMM account, they will be trading and having their own decision to liquidate their investments in no time just by simple clicks and nothing can limit their decisions since it is their own money. We will not bother the trader’s transactions just because we liquidate our money because we will be trading with profit percentage.

    People will not fully trading with other people’s money because there should be their own deposit to trade in first place so others who interested with the performance can join and invest their money to make the business grows bigger. It does not matter if people take their money from that account as they wish and that trader’s account will not be affected at all.

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    i started Ramm yesterday. make a few mistakes already. Opened 3 trades at once. Set too narrow stop losses. Come close to weekly close down. Monday will start trading with more care and wider S/L.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roblek View Post
    i started Ramm yesterday. make a few mistakes already. Opened 3 trades at once. Set too narrow stop losses. Come close to weekly close down. Monday will start trading with more care and wider S/L.
    Sometimes mistakes in forex trading can be a big problem, but the mistake of placing a narrow stop loss is not a fatal mistake, maybe you only lose a few pips of loss unless you make a mistake by placing a stop loss too wide or even using a very big lotsize. I sometimes make mistakes too, but I am still unusual in trading on the ramm system.

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    Is this RAMM system our funds stored on our own personal account?
    can we stop it if at any time we want to stop using RAMM?

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    I think RAMM similiar with copytrade, but in copytrade just trader can make an open position, investor can't trade, they just follow open position trader, it is have transparance except some brokers who just show profit or loss, I think it is suitable for investor who have money but doesn't have time to learn but want to gain money from forex, and RAMM have better option than copytrade

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