Trading stocks - what should you start from?
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Thread: Trading stocks - what should you start from?

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    Trading stocks - what should you start from?

    Trading stocks - what should you start from?

    Trading Stock has gained so much popularity in recent time, and Roboforex Company is here to make it more easier for us. To start trading stock with the company with it's beautiful platform known as R Trader all you need to do are:-

    1. visit the link

    2. If you have no knowledge, then you should try our the demo account first, by clicking on FREE DEMO ACCOUNT.

    3. If you already have knowledge about stocks, then you can proceed to creating an account.

    4. Proceed to the trading Platform.

    5. Log in with your R Trader Account number and then passwords

    To login you have to click on this Icon on your computer Screen:

    Then, you have your R trader all loaded up for you and all your favourite stocks at your finger tips.

    Any questions?

    Leave your comments, I will be reply as soon as possible.

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    I have a demo acc. on R trader. I like a big choice of stocks and easy of trading. For now am still waiting for correction in the market,because I feel that is overpriced. One think which I would like is PAY-Pal for transfer of money to account.

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