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    Bitcoin price tested the major resistance 6500.00 and kept it stable without it, accompanied by the appearance of clear saturation in the purchase through stochastic, while the moving average continues 50 by pressing negatively on the price.

    Therefore, we believe that opportunities are available to resume the projected downward trend in the short and instantaneous term, the following objectives at 6040.00 and then 5880.00, with a reminder of the importance of stability without 6500.00 for the continuation of the expected decline.

    The range of trading expected for the day between 5880.00 support and 6600.00 resistance.

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    Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system using the same unit for accounting transactions and the data transfer protocol of the same name.

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    Bitcoin price fluctuates around the 6700.00 level, and the positive effect of the double bottom model is still effective, noting that the stochastic is gaining positive torque on the four-hour time frame, while the moving average provides 50 positive support for the price.

    Thus, these factors encourage us to continue to weigh the upward trend over the next period, targeting 6880.00 levels and then 7188.00 as the next major stations, with attention to the importance of persistence above 6500.00 for the continuation of the expected rise.

    The range of trading expected for the day between 6400.00 support and 7200.00 resistance

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    I think that if Bitcoin will reach 20'000 dollars till Christmas this year, so investment can be worth something. But if it is not able to reach 20'000 usd so I do not like invetments that bring losses during 1 year. So all bitcoin future depends only on price on New Year. I think that other persons has similar opinion that invetments must bring profit during the year.

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    Bitcoin price of today's trades starts with a clear downward slope to break the 6500.00 level and settle below it, suggesting that the price is on its way to resume the main downward trend after the recent upward correction, indicating that breaking the 6290.00 level will confirm the rush towards 6040.00 levels and then 5880.00 as stations Next negative.

    Hence, the downward slope will be likely during the coming sessions unless the price rushes to penetrate the level of 6880.00 and stability above it.

    The range of trading expected for the day between 6040.00 support and 6700.00 resistance.

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    Hello, guys! You are welcome to continue your conversations regarding cryptocurrencies analysis in our new section Cryptocurrencies. Technical Analysis.

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