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    Success starts from here

    Success starts from here

    Before you look for the best indicators or the best expert you have to know that the secret of success starts from here also to know your personality and your weaknesses and your strengths and abilities and to know what you want from the trade and what you can do. When you know how to choose the time frame for you and what is the reason for your choice, you have passed the first steps of success in your trade and to clarify that we have to know that the time frames are the study of the behavior of the price at a certain time starting from 1 minute to month and to choose the appropriate You have to know what you want and what is presenting to you Each frame and what the disadvantages and advantages

    the small time frames are through one hour

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    When you choose this, you must have these advantages to be your strengths. This is your basic business. You must have time and activity to follow every new market and you must have the ability to make quick decisions in buying, selling and controlling emotions.
    And the advantages of these frames that are allow to make many deals throughout the day and because the deals are many, the chances of success are also great

    [SIZE=5]The long time frames are longer than an hour.

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    If you do not have enough time to study the market daily and you do not follow the market well and do not hold many deals throughout the day and you have a large capital to bear the repercussions of the market and was one of your qualities patience and not rushing and the ability for the forward thinking, You need a suitable time frame and I suggest to be large
    The advantages of this frame are the visibility away from the confused and misleading signals of the small time frames and deals and good profits will be held without stress and exhausting emotions

    Secret of Success is that you take advantage of every frame and move away from his disadvantages.

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    Choose the preferred time frame for you and then go to the bigger frame. You will determine the trend is it down or up? And then return to your time frame to make more specific decisions such as determination the entry and the target and stopping loss. This gives you a wider view
    In this way you will know everything completely and therefore you will be able to determine the perfect place to hold your deal and I am here to tell you my experience, which I learned from the experts it is to use 3 time frames on the same screen
    There are 3 trend in the market, long-term (monthly), medium (weekly-daily), and short-term 4 hours - hour or less
    Start analyzing the chart on long term to determine the dominate trend. Use an indicator that’s following the trend – the basic moving average 13 - period
    If the line goes down, it is a down trend and with a rising line, it is up trend.
    The second timeframe is to select the medium trends and to pick up the opportunity to correct throughout the day.
    The third frame

    is used to determine the entry and exit points[/lang]

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    Thank you so much for these tips! I found really useful information here.

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