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Thread: Can i use iindicators and template of meta trader in ctrader

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    It is outrageous, and so unacceptable way, they can not mix ever. The software are not the same for the both, they will not work for both too. This is why you should code analyzing you want to use on them differently and separately from themselves. If you see it, they are not looking the same ways, they do not function the same way also.

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    I think we can not use our indicators of Metatrader 4 on C trader as both are completely different software. but you can check c trader website for the newest indicators it is so useful indicators. It creates new platform of Forex. Its really huge full information.

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    You are right that cTrader give the exact picture of flow chart of the trading market.And it is sometimes rapidly given.But the matter of fact that you will not be able to use the indicators and templates of meta trader in ctrader because they are on the opposite side of each other.You can search for indicators in the internet of ctrader.

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    According to me we can surely use indicators that we are using right now meta trader 4 software I think there will be some extra indicators too for trading but I mostly like to do naked trading its better for me because then I can use my technique in any meta trader or C trader software

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    Yes C trader is a great choice for everyone and we can take the benefit of this great platform I am not using C trader for now but looking very impressive and always getting very good feedback about this C trader software I will also do trade in near future with C trader

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    Yup I think so you can use indicators in C trader platform but I have no idea about manual indicators that we put our self in trading software I am very happy with meta trader 4 software for now its also easy to operate and I can use third party indicators too in it

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    Even with the recent gap bridge between the two trading platforms, you will not be able to do this. But the latest source i get is that they are writing their codes alike. Meaning that if you have a system, function or expert advisor you like with mt4 trading system, you may do simple alteration or find someone that will do it for you.

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    There are videos that could be looking for them to understand how to use the template on Mitartedr can find what you're looking for or can help you specialists and experts in the forum and they can help you in what you want and expert advisors well in trading

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    the ctrader seems a very good one. though most traders are used to the metatrader4, this c trader is better. one good reason is that even if connectivity of the internet is poor, it still works. it accepts orders very fast, unlike the metatrader which mainly re-quotes if the internet is slow.

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    Sir I have no idea about c trader but I heard about it from my friends that for ECN its a very good platform I will not use for now this software because I am very happy meta trader 4 software and I am enjoying my trading there. And I think you can use indicators also in c trader.

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