Index Crypto.ALT - consists of 5 alternative cryptocurrency pairs. Thus, the tool enters by:
0.5 - ETH / USD
2,5 - LTC / USD
0.3 - BCH / USD
0.75 - DSH / USD
400 - XRP / USD

The capitalization of all 5 cryptocoins is 132 billion US dollars, which is also quite a lot. This index is more flexible and less volatile in comparison with Crypto.TOP. There are required significantly less investment for working with it, since alternative cryptocurrencies in principle are much cheaper than the basic ones in dollar equivalent. Also, this index can be used as a reference point for the potential movement of secondary cryptocurrencies, which, as we know, are less demanding for margin trading conditions. Accordingly, we share our colleagues with our technical vision and forecasts for the Crypto.ALT Index