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Hi, I will share about how to close part lotsize of trading position. Maybe some of you don't know about this yet. Therefore I try to share it. This is only for mt4 computer version, I don't know if this can be done in mt4 mobile phone version because I don't trade in mobile phone version.

Okay, I can't say much in this case because maybe a lot of my writing would be difficult to be understood. But I hope you get the points.

For example, I have a buy position 0.05 lot size, then I will close 0.02 lot size. Then the way is as below:

1. Right click on trading position, you can do this through the chart or through the terminal
- Through the chart
Right clik and select "modify"

- Through the terminal
Right click and select "modify or delete order"

2. Choose Type: "instant execution"

3. Choose VOlume : "0.02" and then Click "close" button

4. Done, now the position is only 0.3 lotsize left

Hopefully this tutorial can be useful for beginners.

Best of luck guys...., Keep trading for crying...,,, oops sorry, I mean,,, trading for a living...
helo dear friend,
thank you for the topic you wrote in this thread.
frankly actually I also just learned about this, especially for the foboforex broker. of course it is very useful for traders if in the future when in floating conditions both minus and plus and want to reduce the margin burden, then just close the lot partially.
especially if we experience floating minus the margin load increases, we can reduce the lot size by doing this.