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    TS "Breakout"

    The logic of TS "Breakout"

    unequivocally, everybody comes to the market with a goal to earn money. That means, there could be hardly be found at least one person who consciously opens deals to lose money. Precisely, despite our desires, it can be very difficult to earn money.

    Our main goal:

    1. to earn
    2. to minimize losses and to earn.

    What does that require?
    1. We should have a working trading system with a clear set of rules.
    2. We have to understand what is happening on the market at the moment.
    3. We should work by our own algorithm.

    What is FX market? Everyone knows about the trend, correction and flat. In any market situation we can earn, but for this, you need to realize the real market situation.
    Some traders use the simple TA and the "Breakout" TS.
    Each of you knows that 90% of the time the market is in a flat and only 10% is moving (trend).
    What is a flat? In the flat, the price is tightly clamped within the channels borders. It is simple
    enoughtp define it - the classical construction goes on 4 points (I take two ... a little ahead of events). The flat can be on any time frame - from m1 to MN1. The older time frames are, the larger and more extensive channels it has, and the price can be here for a longer time.
    What is interesting for us?

    Firstly, it can work perfectly inside of the time frame H4 (buy/sell from the borders).
    Secondly, it forms the figures, which I use in TS "Breakout", with the further definition of the exit direction from the flat, i.e. the trend's beginning.
    I use only triangles and flags in my analysis.

    3 types of triangles:

    1. Symmetric;
    2. Ascending;
    3. Descending.

    1. reversal;
    2. continuation of the movement.

    The figures work on all time frames, the medium-long-term movement can be determined by a complex analysis on all time frames, taking into account the general movement and possible corrections. By the way, I advise everyone to use stop loss and observe money management in order to avoid unpleasant moments.
    Next, we will take a closer look at the rules for building triangles and flags, determining the direction and objectives, and minimizing losses.
    The basis of TS "Breakout" includes figures - triangles and flags.

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    There is a tip about classic figure I could share: the first half (by time) of the figure - be it triangle, wedge, flag, rectangle, barb wire or whatever - produces better breakouts than the second half. If a breakout has not occurred until the last quarter of the figure we should probably skip any signal relative to that figure.

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