Scalping! I will like to define it as the newbies quickest route to success and making it in the forex business, unfortunately this is not what happens, from my experience, I observe that whenever there is a great movement in the forex market, I am very quick to jump in because I don't want to miss out on what is happening, I am quick to pull the trigger, I know where that landed me, even after I have left the newbie stage in my trading career, I was always losing my money.

A Beginner should stay away from scalping as a strategy because there will always be negative consequences that he will not be able to handle, if there is any strategy that I would personally recommend, that is using a minimum of H1 to enter the market, that way, he is sure there is no rush for quick gains, my experience as a scalper was really terrible, I don't want anybody going through same.

The screen shot I have attached here is my trading account history in June 2018, please note that this is a live account and not demo, that is what trading with a short term mentality can do to you, I paid dearly for my mistakes.