This is important for beginners. If forex is a sport, don't think of becoming a champion of the competition by setting your target to become eligible to be selected as a player in the national team.

Those who join into forex trading who want to soon become a billionaire in the first year or two, will go far. Beginners are always blinded by greed and then face some difficult consequences.

The reputation of Forex trading is often tarnished from innumerable stories about people spending their savings or falling into serious debt from it. It's not an easy profession to be a 'master' and we know that many traders do not achieve the ultimate goal.

Today's technology and internet allows everyone to become a trader with a few clicks on the mouse and smartphone. So many people come to this arena with no more planning and preparation than entering the lottery numbers. The result, most of the time, is that the account closes almost as soon as the account is opened. Sound familiar? Do not worry, you are not the only one, we are all there.

Yes, everyone has the same experience in forex trading, we are all lost in the beginning, we all get a lot of failures at the beginning. Of course ..., but the problem is ... the majority of us got nothing but losing all our money in bulk.

You can join many demo contest as the arena to become the best and the champion. But don't ambition to be the best for real trading. It will only make you lose a lot and more. What you should do is focus on learning to understand the market and money management, try to always be relaxed and calm. Even you can become a part time trader first before you really are able to become a profitable trader.

If you are relaxed and calm like a journey of water in the flowing river, then one day you will be in the estuary and into the ocean where a lot of fish you can get without drifting.

Do not think to be the best, because you can be the best by itself even if you do not think about it. All is just a matter of time.

Just focus on developing your skills.

Hopefully if you read this though, you have realized (like me) that the market has no place to "play around". Market approach with clear mind, focus preparation and confidence to build knowledge and understanding.

This article is especially for beginners, also for me personally. I am not a master, I just want to be a profitable trader and always be a profitable trader, I am just like you. I have a long-term goal, I have many obstacles in my journey, even once I don't have the money to pay for internet access.