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Thread: Be the best ???

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    It's high time we realize why we should work hard and build a system that will help us achieve our goals in trading. We can of course become the best here and we can have a huge chance to make profits from forex. Trading this market can help us so much and as long as we can manage risk we will be able to make reliable trade that will work for us. Here we should understand how to plan on this trade and build a solid measure to become the best with the right trade.

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    One could be the best when one has develop their trading strategy, one could be the best when one has all what it takes to become profitable. A lot of traders don't know that being the best doesn't come easily, but that way being the best is a gradual process, one has to take it slow and steady. For one to be the best, then one has to take the demo account seriously, one has to see to the fact that they also take time to make monthly evaluations.

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    In the present day, forex has been a tremendous market for those who are planning to work on short term basis. Even traders can think or expect to take good benefits from the liquid positions. Such as: if you are a student and you don’t have extended funds try to work with micro trading account. Again if you don’t have the courage to deal with larger capital of your own, you can try levered funds here.

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    The most important feature of financial markets is that you have to compete directly with the best market professionals in the world. They have best possible education, great experience and the most powerful equipment. They also have exclusive access to almost any information, and they recieve it less than in a second. Trading is their main job, so they do not need to find time for it - actually, they spend 10-12 hours per day exclusively on trading. If you want to compete with them, make sure you have an egde - something specail, that gives you an advantage in some particular situations. It could be a strategy or a principle. Of course there is no any chance to win by using free strategy somewhere within the internet or after brief educational course of so-called trading guru, or after a few weeks of trading on demo. Trading success requires a lot of time and efforts. You will have to spend numerous hours working on your strategy, analysing your trades and ideas, watching the price movements and searching for something that could give you that advantage. Those, who believe that they will become successful traders spending one or two hours per week will lose their entire accounts and leave trading with a strong belief that there is no way to earn money by trading. Only patient and hard-working traders will be able to become profitable.

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    I'm beginner in the forex trading market, Can anyone recommend me a good forex broker?

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    If you are trading longer term, your stop loss must be tailored to the market in accordance with established levels of support and resistance, and the average daily range of the pair. Your stop will be wider, you must take care to use fewer lots, and size your position such that you lose no more than 5% of your equity on one trade, and ideally less. One final point here: deciding not to trade because market conditions are unfavorable is an excellent business decision. While you won’t make money, you won’t lose it either. If you don’t lose, you are still furthering the goal of being consistently profitable.

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