(Portuguese) Crypto EOS? O que é isso?
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Fio: Crypto EOS? O que é isso?

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    Crypto EOS? O que é isso?

    A new crypto coin called EOS appeared last year, in the summer. Its creators want to launch one of the most powerful platforms for decentralized apps.
    ESO is a blockchain network technology, based on using tokens from the project.
    Many people draw a parallel between EOS coin and the familiar Ethereum. Both platforms create smart contracts that are used in open source code projects for decentralized apps that were designed for the customers.
    Initially, the main goal of EOS was to win away customers from the Ethereum market. EOS should have created a more scalable blockchain that would be much more convenient to use for a large-scale business.

    In short, EOS is a new evolution stage of the Ethereum virtual platform. The main difference between EOS and Ethereum is that Ethereum operates as a global distributing computer, and EOS is created around an operating system where it is possible to develop applications. Creators of the new coin are Block.one team.

    How does the new EOS platform work?
    EOS is a platform for implementing decentralized applications. Token owners invest their coins in developing applications in the net. But at the same time, ordinary participants can engage in application projects “for free” without having to buy the platform tokens. A quotation system is used in order to demonstrate that capacity, throughput and calculation are evenly distributed.
    The key part of the platform is the delegated proof of the collision algorithm (DPOS). This is designed to meet the performance requirements of decentralized applications within a blockchain, that also includes processing millions of users. The block platform circuit creates a new block every 3 seconds.

    EOS is an attempt to create a block system that would withstand the creation of scalable commercial applications. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares
    e others are among the leading blockchains today, but these platforms also experience enormous functioning issues. At least 10,000 transactions per second are made in the systems, but their computational power is limited, and commissions are getting higher.
    Some people call EOS Ethereum on doping. If Ethereum sends 10-100 transactions per second, then in case of EOS it is about 100,000.
    Today, the price for one EOS coin is $ 8.4092. At this moment the turnover is 896.1 million $, and the total trade turnover is 1 119 787 718 $.

    Long-term perspectives.
    Let us consider the factors which can lead to EOS success in the future:
    1. The creator of the project is Dan Larimer. Success is largely determined by people who are behind this or that project. The early investors of Steemit and Bitshares have multiplied their funds in several times, if, of course, they managed to lock in their profit in time.
    2. 10% of tokens distributed among the team for the next 10 years is an excellent incentive for the team to work on the development of the project and increasing the capitalization for 10 years at least.
    3. ICO projects need a reliable, fast platform in order to be carried out. Now it is already clear to everyone that Ethereum, at least in its current form, does not cope with this task. With a favorable development, this project can compete with Ethereum.
    4. The project is really a large-scale one. It represents a great interest among investors, a huge amount of money has already been collected. I hope that some of this money will be spent on advertising and promotion, which in turn will attract a new capital.
    5. High verification speed thanks to the
    DPoS consensus algorithm

    We can understand and respect the opinion of people who have invested in Bitcoin, and do not participate in any ICO, considering the whole industry as one big hype. In general, the example of EOS just confirms this point of view. But, if you invested in EOS tokens - it would be advisable to keep them for at least 1-2 years.

    The risks of investing money in EOS:
    1. At the moment, there is no ready-made platform, only a test network. It is highly
    questionable, if it is able to support millions of users. For now there are only PROMISES.
    2. At the same time, several similar platforms are being developed - Tezos, Quantum, Aeternity,
    Tauchain. In addition to that, Ethereum does not want to lose its place on the market, so it is being developed into a faster and more stable version.
    3. All ICO funds receipts will be used at the discretion of block
    .one team and not necessarily on EOS.IO.
    4. Control over the development of the coin will be in the hands of a small group of people who have maximum stacks.

    It was a little funny to see the results of a poll on the possible price of EOS in 1 year, conducted in one of the crypto-chats in Telegram - someone thinks that EOS will cost $ 5, $ 10, $ 50 ...
    There is nothing more than vague promises at this time, and people are already predicting the price, judging from … apparently, the results of previous projects.
    But you can not think so straightforward - the fact that Ethereum and Bitshares brought income to their earliest and most patient investors does not necessarily guarantee the success of EOS, it's all just looking through your rose-tinted glasses.

    In RoboForex EOS vs US Dollar is also available for trading on Pro Standard, ECN Pro
    e Prime accounts.
    What are your ideas about this tool for trading?

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    EOS.IO Is a cryptocurrency token. This cryptocurrency is based on a white paper published in 2017. This cryptocurrency platform is currently being developed by private company block.one to be released as Open source software in june 1, 2018. I am doing trade on it and I enjoyed so much because the spread of this currency is low.

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    Quote Postado originalmente por Gulfstream View Post
    Initially, the main goal of EOS was to win away customers from the Ethereum market. EOS should have created a more scalable blockchain that would be much more convenient to use for a large-scale business.
    With this statement I think this should be enough to clarify that only large scale business people who has huge money to buy stuff to do this investment project that can get more profits, not really suggested for retail or small people like us. Even though it uses decentralized apps, these prices both with hardwares and softwares may be too expensive for us to purhace unless we're big company that really interested to do this.
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    To the honest I have not heard about this digital coin as I am a new baby in this field. With the development of technologies, various digital cash like Bit-coin, Etherum, Ripple, Lite-coin, Zcash, Dash, etc. all are becoming well-liked by the crypto trader. To say the truth, I have traded Bit-coin but can’t find it profitable due to the sudden price changes of BTC. Thereby I have shifted my trading journey towards forex trading.

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    The same is with me. I have also heard about EOS very little and I am not sure in it. The other currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple are better known for everybody and for me too. I suppose that if there will be rise of crypto so bitcoin and ethereum will rise at first because people know them well. And there is a matter of demand supply only.

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    Dobrý den, já jsem kryptoměnám naprosto propadl a jejich obchodování mě hodně baví a teď už i dobře živí! Kromě toho obchoduju ještě na forexu. Používám forex app a krypto trading app, aplikaci si nemůžu vynachválit. Tak snadno a jednoduše se mi ještě neobchodovalo. K dlouhodobějším investicím je taky používám – protože je to tak rychlé. Hlavně bych je doporučil začátečníkům, mně na začátku každopádně hodně pomohly zorientovat se na krypto i forex trhu! Uživatelsky přívětivé, přehledné, ultra rychlé a pohodlné. Super, pokud nemáte mnoho času.
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