How to avoid the repeated losses in the trading ?
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Thread: How to avoid the repeated losses in the trading ?

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    How to avoid the repeated losses in the trading ?

    The some time it will happen that we have the continue loss in the forex trading and which is continually we gain in every trading , can we reduce the repeated losses in the trading and how to recover these loses in the trading.

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    You can learn from your previous lossess and don't try it again, don't take so high risks that you can losess your all money, you can recover your losess by working hard again, and try to earn with new hope and strategy, and giving much more time to forex trading business

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    Forex is a risky business and and profit and loss are part of this market.A trader have to avoid his previous mistakes in order to be a good trader.We have to reduce those losses and have to trader with a good strategic plan and by learning more and more about the business and by practising first on demo accounts.

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    Forex is a changing business where your profit can turn into loss in some minutes it is very much important to think over the best tool to be used to spot and stop the continuous loss from being occurred. Trader should learn from his previous mistake and make sure that he shouldn't be making that mistake again.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Learning from our previous mistakes and loses would defiantly assist a trader in sharping his or her trading skills,I have on many occasions learnt valueable information from my losses and mistakes,another important issue is taking note of these your mistakes and losses to get use to them and overcome them .

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    Firs try to find out the reason of your loss that you are making repeatedly. by using stop loss shorten your unnecessary loss. eliminate the trade that you did in past that you make loser. try to find a new strategy,and never lose your heart where there is needed of risk take that risk.

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    Forex trading business is a very uncertain and unpredictable business so we can not get assured for continuous and consistent profit every time we trade we have to face losses at times so just considering the losses as part of the game we can move forward with a fresh set up and fresh mentality to have profits in next trade.

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    We all the traders are fighting to avoid loss in our trading always. Many of us are able to reduce loss while many other are not able to achieve it. This is fact that forex trading without experience cannot be imagined. Without adequate money we can hope to continue forex trade, but it is completely impossible to hope to become a profitable trader without this valuable "Experience". If we able to become experienced, then we can hope to reduce loss in our trading carrier.

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    If we face a recurring losses in forex trading seems like it's not because we have a trading bad strategy, maybe it is because we have poor money management. So we can re-examine the strategy that we use, maybe we made a mistake in using trading ratios.

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    If you want avoid repeated loose in Forex market you should first start trading in demo account and try to discover all mistakes in demo account and try no repeat it in the real account.and when you start in real account don't start with big capital start with very small capital and try to see what is your weak points and try to make it strong points.

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