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Thread: Power Of News Trading

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    Power Of News Trading

    Hello Traders And Beginners, Today I Will Show You The Power Of News Trading With Proof. Taoday 21/06/2018 Boe Release There Interest Rate Decision And GBP Become Strong After Release The News And Goes More Than 120 Pips Up In Just 10 To 20 Minutes. Before The News I Open Some Trades And Also Put Many Buy Stop On The GBPUSD Pair For Checking How Much I Can Gain With 1:300 Leverage.
    Before The News In My Account, I Have Just 52$ But After 30 Minute Of News Releasing My Account Reached At 340$ You Thought This Is Fake So The Screenshot Of Account Is Attached Below Everyone Can Check.
    Share Your Best Trades Which You Do On News Trading...
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    I get to trade the news which has been more profitable than taking instant action on the news release with is risky, the best option to trade on fundamental news we have to need to do trade with proper money management and control our emotions as much as we can control, news trading is really awesome especially when you pulled the trigger at the right moment and you can earn a reasonable amount.

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