In short I was introduced to Forex Trading in 2008. Since then I've not been able to turn profit, until.... I never gave up!

A few month ago I sat in front of my charts thinking that there is more to trading than just these charts? There is more to trading than placing order and hoping..... hoping.... and then some more hoping.....

Then I remembered something I read a long time ago, which was "When I place a trade I never calculate how much I can make from the trade, I only calculate how much I can loose". That made me think really hard at where I am and where I want to be in a few month's time...

I found $9 in one of my account with RoboForex and I started to apply this new approach combined with my strategy, which is trading key price levels combined with fundamental analyses and economic behavior. Very soon this account grew to $50 and I was very pleased with myself. Next I took it to $100 and then $150 about a month later. At this stage I realized I'm on to something.

I took the $150 and opened a new account, because I had someone who wanted to follow my trading so I started a Signal Service.

The $150 kept growing and growing up to just over $500 what it is today.

So what changed?

My whole approach to trading had to change. My strategy was always good, but my execution and handling was poor.

So what is next?

I'm taking this account to $1k and then $2k. By when you might ask? I don't know, because I'm not looking at how much money I can make anymore, I look at how little I can loose and take whatever profit I can get.

Join me as I take this account to the next level.

Trade safe!