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    kamran Contest Buy and hold

    account (943821)
    investor password (kamran)

    Very excited to see this contest. I really appreciate forum administration for bringing this contest. I hope i can make right decisions at right time and win something out of this contest. I do not use indicators i prefer trend lines only.

    Trend lines are placed manually through terminal. In this strategy a trader finds which pair is moving in a specific direction i.e is not in range. and then he uses trend lines to decide his entry and exit points. It is very simple and effective technique if stop loss is used.

    - - - Updated - - -

    First trade Do or Die

    Order number 193997100
    Order number 193997234
    Order number 193998006
    Lots 2.6 (total)
    Price 1.6701
    Price 1.6697
    Price 1.6707
    S.L N/A (waiting for break even)
    T.P N/A (will see how it goes for an hour and decide then)

    Eur/Nzd just like gbp pairs is a volatile pair. Nzd and Aud have been going up for past few weeks and now they need to relax a little. Euro has been in range and it has broken that range today against USD. It reversed its direction against all pairs just now. So i think its right time to buy and HOLD this pair.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It looks like this bull ride be for atleast 500 pips. I have another open order now.

    Order number 194000703
    Lots 0.5
    Price 1.6717
    S.L N/A
    T.P N/A

    All trades will be closed in approximately 50 pips porfit because there will be good resistance at 1.6767

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    This currency pair is too slow. Closed all trades in profit. I am looking for another opportunity in other pairs but problem is that they are all at tops. I am confuse whether to enter here or wait for retracement.

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    I got greedy yesterday and tried to trad crude oil because of news. Trade did show a reasonable return for quiet some time before news was released. News was against crude price and my account stoped out.


    Crude Oil
    Order number 194021970
    Lots 2
    Price 66.42
    S.L N/A
    T.P N/A
    Stoped out at 64.79

    - - - Updated - - -

    Lets try scalping this time.

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