Man Utd-Buy & Hold Contest
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    Man Utd-Buy & Hold Contest

    Account number: 2414443
    Investor password: ahmad
    Account type: MT4 Demo Pro
    Account currency USD
    Leverage: 1:300

    This contest will be held for 4 weeks therefore I will try and hold trade for a few days. I will also use stop loss in each trade to get out of a wrong trade quickly. 10% risk for each trade. No indicator will be used only candlestick and chart patterns. Good luck to all.
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    First order placed by buying gbpnzd but accidentally placed in GBPNZD. Luckily found price at today's lowest level. I was hoping a reversal from here but it looks like my guess/analysis was wrong and it was just a pull back. Therefore i will close this trade manually as i expect it to go further 50 pips or more down.

    Currency pair USDCAD
    Terminal Order # 193710651
    Vol: 0.6
    Entry: 1.29276

    Closed manually 1.29309 because i am not confident about this trade. Profit 14.1, Very difficult contest, because we know only one this BUY.
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    Currency pair USDZAR
    Terminal Order # 193735566
    Vol: 0.5
    Entry: 12.58157

    New buy entry for today. usdzar is a very good pair if your market reading skills are excellent, it can cause huge loss if analysis is not right. Usdzar is in range for past week and now it seems that price is moving in an uptrend. Therefore i have placed a buy order. I have no stop loss or take profit for this trade. I will add more trades to same pair later.
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    Previous trade was showing very small profit/loss therefore i added 1 more trade at almost same price.
    Currency pair USDZAR
    Terminal Order # 193735615
    Vol: 1
    Entry: 12.58137
    Aim for these trades was to get enough profit to trade easily later on. Both orders are in good profit. I am looking for a good exit now.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Closed both trades in profit. I am always afraid of overnight reversal and high spread. I have very good profit now and i think i can trade now with small risks. Total profit 2450.
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