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    I am so happy not to trade the former buying structure of GBPUSD and EURUSD today, i can see through investors passwords how that trade and others ruined the accounts of contestant today, it's so sad. One lesson i want us to learn is that big risk without a stop loss which can minimize the effect of the risk is not good, we need to stop this for us to trade long time. Patience is required in everything we do too.

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    I think i am not still doing bad with my trading result and waited for this long to open my next trade due to the instability i felt in the forex field in the past 5 trading days ago. Now i have seen a good coming back price pattern on EURUSD, EURAUD and GBPAUD. I varied the lot size i used with stop loss of 50 pips and take profit of 100 pips on each of the trading orders. This makes my risk to reward to be 1:2 which is good for now even when i lose.

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    Good evening everyone, my last four trades went mixed, i gained two and i lost two. I lost on both EURUSD orders which had the bigger lot size, but was able to gain on GBPAUD and EURAUD, thanks to the loss control plan i used. This might be my last update until the end of the contest, unless i see irresistible market condition. I am taking this precaution since the pairs i am used with are not structuring up for now, i will not risk badly for contest reason.

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    I was tempted to trade more on short term strategies yesterday due to many reasons best known to me, and all of the trade i made went positive. As this is the end of the contest, i am glad for the opportunity given to me to participate in a trading contest that is one sided like this, i hope more are coming in the nearer future. I was able to earn a total profits of $6202.77, the balance i have is now $7202.77.

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    you are a great dear and you do a good job I hope you will win this contest. coz there is no one who makes percentage like this. I am also not making a big profit due to some emotions control problems. in the starting, I make 300% gain but due to big lot sizes my account was washed and I am out from the contest. I want to say thanks to moderators and admins who giving us this great opportunity to show trading skills.

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