tfs2012 "Buy and Hold " contest
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Thread: tfs2012 "Buy and Hold " contest

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    tfs2012 "Buy and Hold " contest

    -Account number 943647

    -Investor password tfs2012

    -Account type MT4 Demo Ecn Pro

    I will use a combination of different trading methods (price patterns, supply and demand, divergence... )
    the analysis may take place on any time frame, from 1minute to daily.
    and since it is a contest the risk ratio in each trade will range between 5 to 10 percent according to what I see fit in each trade.

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    currency pair, Gpb/Cad
    order number , 193656292
    the volume of transactions, 1.00
    the entry point of the transaction, 1.72614
    Take Profit,1.77365
    risk per trade in the deposit currency, 10 percent

    I am in this trade because there is a divergence plus a pin bar pattern on the weekly frame

    - - - Updated - - -

    more positions

    currency pair, Gpb/Cad

    order 1 , 193660856 volume 1.00

    order 2 , 193661313 volume 0.30

    order 3 , 193661402 volume 0.10
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    You have good skills in market analysis, I see your analysis is very good in terms of accuracy. I think you deserve to be a market analyst. I'm not good enough in terms of market analysis, that's why I think your threads becomes valuable for me personally and for all members in this forum in general. And another thing is: I like your style in analysis. Best of luck tfs2012

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