Mobile Forex. Forex on Your Cellular Phone.

The RoboForex has launched a new service, “Mobile Forex”, which available at any time!

The “Mobile Forex” service will be a great help to all our clients while they are away from their personal computer or laptop.

From now on you don't need to worry when you go on holidays, business trips, or you are simply away from keyboard, because you have an opportunity to manage your trading accounts. You can access them anytime using any mobile device with an Internet connection. Just remember the following address:

“Mobile Forex” is available 24/7 and includes three services:

1. «Mobile Trading» compatible with

RoboForex is developing a unique service for mobile trading, which enables you to open, close and change orders on your trading account using any type of mobile phone, smartphone or PDA running under Symbian (Nokia), Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and some other operating systems.

Please note that you don’t have to install any special software or additional applications in order to use «Mobile Trading» service. All you need is a mobile device with an Internet connection and a trading account at RoboForex!

The current beta-version allows trading on Fix, Pro and Demo. You can open and close orders of any type of trading instruments. The following opportunities are available:

  • Specify StopLoss and TakeProfit parameters for Fix & Demo accounts, open a new order. If you want set StopLoss or TakeProfit for Pro accounts you must modify order after you open order.
  • Place pending orders of any type - Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit.
  • Trade using any type of real Fix, Pro & Demo accounts without any restrictions.

Выбор инcтрумента Новый ордер
Открытые ордера Закрыть ордер

At the moment RoboForex is developing new features for the «Mobile Trading» service. After the period of beta-testing is over, «Mobile Trading» version 1.0, which includes the following improved features, will be released:

  1. Improved user interface;
  2. Online charts for each instrument;
  3. Mobile version of «OneClickTrading» for mobile trading.

If you find any mistakes or have suggestions to help us to improve the «Mobile Trading» service, feel free to mail us to

2. Mobile version of the WebSite.

Using the mobile version of the website, you will be able to keep up-to-date with all major events and access information which is useful for every day trading. The mobile version of the site includes RoboForex news, forex forecasts, economic calendar, quotes and charts of the major currency pairs online.

3. Mobile version of your Live Account.

This is a reduced version of your trader’s Live Account, which though includes the major information on your accounts:

  • Account information – You can access the information on your trading account
  • Opened orders – You can access detailed information on opened orders
  • Account History – You can view the transaction history of each trading account
  • Bonuses – You can view the current state of your bonuses