I dont know if this thread belongs here or not but I just want to give some opinion in as far fellow members posting some strategies in this thread. I just want to say that success in one's trading does not just rely on a particular strategy, one important aspect to it is the trader himself because he is the one will implement such strategy during trading and if he fails to follow such strategy at certain point of his trading it can really alter the results of his trading. So even if you have a very good strategy at hand but you fail to follow the rule with discipline and consistency you will still fail. Good strategy and the discipline in implementing it all the time will make you a successful trader, not just the other half.

Now in as far as the definition of what is a good strategy is, that is also debatable because other traders may have other idea about it. But for me a good trading strategy is something that has well defined rule of entry and rule of exit at any market condition, plus it adheres to good risk reward ratio(at least 1:1, the higher the better), proper risk management. And remember this even if market can be very volatile at times but it cannot harm our account in any way if we wont allow it. Happy and profitable trading to all!