What is the bullish and bearist term in the trading ?
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Thread: What is the bullish and bearist term in the trading ?

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    Exclamation What is the bullish and bearist term in the trading ?

    I hear lot about the bullish and bearist terms in the trading but i know which is these term is used and how what is the main benefit of these terms in the trading so what is the bullish and bearist terms in the trading.

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    Bullish mean market will going up side and bearish mean market will be down.. and you can understand to market direction by bearish and bullish. this is symbol of up and down.. after understand then you can submit right order..

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    Bullish and bearist term in the trding is opposite of one another, Its connect you with market every time, Bullish indicates about the market rate goes up and bearist indicates the mraket is going down, it is only for the up / down of market, and by this we can understand the market easily

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    A bullish market or bullish trend as its commonly known is when buyers are dominating the market or a currency pair while a bearish trend is when sellers are dominating the market or currency pair,so in an entry your either bull or bear,just ensure that you know which trend is ruling or dominating.

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    These are very good indicatores fo the market, it shows the market level up and down , and it connects you with the market every second. bullish shows that the rates of the market is rises while bearist shows that the rates of the market is going down

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    In simple word bullish market means the currency is moving uptrend against other currency, and bearish means the currency moves downward against other currency.
    For an example.
    The current market price of EURUSD is 1.3750 and you expect a bullish trend from chart and technical analysis then you will need to hold a long position as EURUSD currency pair will move beyond 1.3750 and you can book profit as per your comfortable level.

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    The market has basically two movement. It is either the market is uptrending ot it is on the down trend. Therefore the terms bullish and bearish is just a name given to the market movement, that is when the market is uptredinging then it is said to be bullish and when on the downtrend it is best said to be bearish.

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    when we talk about the bullish market we mean the rirht up ward market in other meaning buying power very dtrong which pushh the market to go up
    and when we talk about the bearish trends we mean the price or the market direction down ward or in other meaning the poer of selling not buying is very strong

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    bullish and bearist are the two important element of forex trading. this elements are totally opposite to each other. forex trading market is so scattered. bullish means when the market goes up and bearist means the market goes down.

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    bullish means that the market is up and so we trade in buy orders and this means that the buyers are dominate and this will continue for sometimes ,then we will find bearish and this means that the sellers are dominate and we should trade with them to be able to make money,and this will dominate for some times then the buyers dominate again ,this alternative positions happen always

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