Do you afraid to lose the money in the trading ?
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Thread: Do you afraid to lose the money in the trading ?

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    Cool Do you afraid to lose the money in the trading ?

    The mostly trader not get the success in the trading because the feel fear in the trading and afraid to invest the money in the trading and i think if you afraid to lose the money you will succeed in the trading and you must take the risk in the trading if you want to success in the forex business.

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    No i am not afraid because i know all businesses have chance loss or profit so forex is too.. but i know i can earn very good amount by forex trading on low risk therefore this is best business for me from all. and i can control on loss, on trade...

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    That will depend on trade size, I am not afraid to lose $2 each trade but I'm definitely afraid to lose $20 each trade.
    I am still hate to lose money either $2 or $20, but smaller loss are far easier to accept.

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    fear from loss is an natural feeling because forex is risky and when i trade i depend on my analysis that may be wrong in some cases and so loss will be the result but we should accept loss as we accept winning because no one will win all time so loss is expected at any time so it is better to decrease this loss to the minimum level to maximize the profits

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    No i am not afraid because to lose the money in the trading because i have nothing lose yet and i don't take risk on huge amount, i can also invest but less amount of balance and invest it without any afraidness and i am happy to not lose any thing yet

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    Yes and i am asking from you then if you take a risk in the business then your heart beating will be highter then normal position due to the fear of losseness, we work hard to earn money in the forex trading business and then we take risk on them then it is sure that we will be afraid to lose the money in the forex trading business

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    i think that if someone has a good planning and strategy for forex trading and always follow forex rules...then he will not be afraid of forex losses...whenever we do any business or forex trading, then we should always be ready for making profit as well as losses...if we suffer losses, then we should face it boldly and try to learn from it by making analysis and sort our even losses will give us some good knowledge and experience and we will not repeat those mistakes again...

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    a person who has good planning and working strategy is always a successful person in forex.a person should not be afraid of loosing from forex losses.before starting any business we should be ready for profit and losses.and if we make profit then we may even face some losses and we should be ready for it it will give us some knowledge.

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    Some times I fell afraid and I use tight Stop loss and for that reason I loss money in my trade . We know forex is a risky business and we need to be careful while placing an order. We do not need to trade with our emotions without justifying the market's price movement or any other analysis.

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    ebizripan, Any trader sure feel like that , besides not use stop loss sometimes afraid came from trade taking high risk, so afraid are well reduced in our trading if we use the appropriate margin at every trade. May be high lots in trading makes us to be anxious and of course be afraid when we are trading the forex trading market, so relax with using lower risk is better than always feel afraid at every time.

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